The beauty secrets of the Emirates Cabin Crew

April 15

I recently had a very exciting opportunity – to visit the Emirates Aviation College and get an inside look into the Cabin Crew’s beauty look. I only recently learnt that Clarins Paris is the exclusive beauty brand they use and that there was so much more to the beauty look than those perfect red lips. After spending a day at the Aviation college with the team, trainers and getting a tour – I spoke to the training managers on the beauty look, the essential products and how the cabin crew get through a long haul flight still looking so polished.

What is the Emirates beauty look?

Natural look with a day make-up effect, lighter eye shadow with an eye liner and darker lips with different shades of red. Simple make-up to enhance cabin crew’s beauty.

What are the requirements for every cabin crew?

During their grooming training cabin crews are advised on the following:


The first beauty step:
1. A Perfect Cleansing Routine (Cleansing Milk + Foaming Cleanser) Especially for Cabin crew’s quick cleansing routine is advised: One Step Cleansers to facilitate treatment while cleansing: detoxify, renew radiance, Eliminates dead cells and unclogs pores!

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(E.g. One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, One-Step Facial Cleanser, Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser and Water Purify One Step Cleanser)

2.Toning with matching toning lotion-They revive and refresh skin while protecting its natural pH and hydration levels. They leave skin smooth and soft.

3.Exfoliating – the first radiance –boosting and anti -ageing step!

4.Hydrating Masque during long flights!

5.Eye cream to moisturize and nourish


6.The eye gel – highly refreshing gel with a cooling effect to fight puffiness and dark circles. It can be applied at any time of day to brighten and refresh the eyes!

7.Serum –Intensive Treatment with high concentration in active ingredients to boost results!

8.Moisturizer –protects from pollution, hydrates and treats the beauty concern.



1.Clarins Foundation with triple performance on Radiance; The Light Optimizing + complex

Instantly diffuses and magnifies the light thanks to the combination of pearls and soft-focus pigments. The continuous Hydration to do the skin; the Clarins exclusive Plant Micropatch® preserves and maintains the skin’s moisture balance, protects from pollution and free radicals .

2.Powder-ultra fine texture rich in mineral and plant active ingredients moisturizes and protects the skin for a natural & luminous result.

3.Eye shadow

4.Eye liner- Precise, intense line of color with long wearing results!

5.Blusher-thanks to the combination of different mineral pigments to skin will have instant healthy-glow radiance!

6.Lip liner + Red Lipstick- to moisturize and provide a long lasting hold!

7.Concealer Women/Men


How do cabin crew look their best even on long haul flights?

-Keep hydrating, lots and lots of water!

-Refresh Instantly with Clarins Fix Make up – Refreshing Mist with Long-Lasting Hold for a supple, soft and fresh skin. Fixes make-up, leaving an invisible, ultra resistant veil. Make-up glows with color.

-thanks to Vitamin C Preserves the skin’s youth and radiance by protecting it against the harmful effects of free radicals; Silica microspheres- Ensures a lastingly matte complexion; fixing polymer derived from fructose, red rose cohobat, and grapefruit plant extracts.

-Reduce Caffeine and tea intake!

-Healthy diet based on low sodium, outdoor activities to oxygenate the skin!

-Exercise to improve microcirculation! Comfort tired legs instantly with Clarins Energizing Emulsion rich in natural plant extracts providing an instant feeling of lightness ,reduces swelling and improves circulation

-Good sleep before the flight to enhance radiance! Maintain a radiant and flawless skin by exfoliating twice a week to stimulate cell renewal to prevent and reduce the visible signs of ageing.

-If make-up is removed – hydrate and boost skin’s vitality with Double Serum and Hydraquench Mask to restore radiance.


What are beauty no-no’s for the cabin crew?

No waterproof Mascara as it might take longer to remove! Quick and easy beauty routine is recommended upon landing to ease the cleansing process.

What are the 4 beauty products every cabin crew uses?

1.Beauty Flash Balm to prolong luminous and long lasting make-up! It can be used even as a mask upon landing or before the flight to instantly eliminate all signs of fatigue!

2.Eye Contour gel –Anti puffiness and dark circles – the cooling effect will decongest and you can re-apply any time of the day even on top of make up!

3.All in one cleanser for a quick make-up removal routine!

4.Double Serum the perfect anti-ageing treatment to re-boost skin’s vital functions!