Highlights this month: Beauty, Food & Tech

April 10

Eat: Lunch at Provedore

I recently had lunch at a new restaurant concept at Sunset Mall (I love this mall’s location and the few little gems in there… but there’s something about it – it’s always empty!) First impressions were quite impressive, the space is quite large and feels a little like a market (think Eataly, Lafayette gourmet…) – they have a florist corner, chocolates corner and a bakery to name a few. The menu was also huge with a bunch of different options – the ones that struck out for me were the ‘Make your own pasta’ section, the range of freshly squeezed juices like kiwi, honey melon and pomegranate all the way to the fondue corner. The fondue corner wasn’t like your typical one – cheese and chocolate weren’t there but they had an Asian chicken, sautéed beef and fried prawns options. I tried the Sauteed beef option which was my favourite dish, which comes with potatoes and 4 dips to choose from – a creamy to non creamy options. I also enjoyed the Chicken Roulade, which was spinach & ricotta stuffed chicken with a side of fettucini and morel mushrooms. One thing they really need to work on is their service, very sweet but very slow – I had to get up and look for a waiter anytime I needed anything, so that disrupted my experience quite a bit.

Desserts: SugarMoo

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have the sweetest tooth. I recently came across Sugarmoo, a dessert brand that has been all over the place at the moment – Market OTB, and even at the Iris brunch! I decided to order some goodies via their online system and try them out at home. Some were too sweet for my liking, but they do have a variety of things from truffles, tarts, cheesecakes, cookies to tootsie rolls – oh and a Nutella cup cookie! If you’re looking for a cake, or just ordering some cute (and pretty) desserts, I suggest you check them out. Their online booking is ace, choose your desserts, add them to a cart, place an order and you can pay via credit card or cash on arrival. I ordered them for a specific date and time, I got my confirmation and they got delivered on that exact day and time. Super professional and reliable.

Beauty: The White Room 

I’m always on the lookout for great spas and salons around town and I recently headed for a hair treatment, blow dry and mani pedi at The White Room. With three locations around the city – one in JLT, one in Motor City and one in Marina Plaza, I booked in at the Marina Plaza branch – right next door to Marina Mall (which helps the parking situation). Completely white, the salon looks pure and beautiful. My hair treatment was a Caviar treatment by Dancoly – I wasn’t too fond of the steamer (which was too small for my head), but with the sweet staff and lovely massage, my hair smelt amazing and really hydrated (the ombre really does kill my hair). Post treatment, I got my hair blow dried by the lovely Tunisian stylist, Safia (To make the hair section feel like a blow dry bar, they have based the styles on Disney characters – adorable!) However the highlight of the blow dry was that every hairstyle, any length costs AED65. Insane. I ended my trip with a manicure and pedicure with Thoan and Sara. Whilst they did the traditional file, cut and cuticles, there was some relaxing music in the background, before getting my nails polished by Essie nail polish.

I highly recommend the salon and spa, and will definitely be back to try their other treatments (stay tuned!). Side note – their receptionist, Rhodora, is actually hilarious.

Tech: Blackberry Porsche P’9983

I’ve been a Blackberry user for years and even though I now use an iPhone, I still use a blackberry as well. I prefer it for emails and work. If you’re looking for a chic phone, I recently got my hands on the new luxurious Blackberry Porsche P’9983 – which comes in a sleek design and a lot more richer and luxurious than the other Blackberry phones. The phone is made out of fine materials such as sapphire glass and a glass-weave technology. It does take time getting used to if you haven’t used the new phones as the system has changed but still has everything we love about Blackberry.

Car: Cadillac ATS Coupe

I recently test drove the new Cadillac ATS Coupe for a whole week… and I won’t lie, I really did fall in love with the car. Starting with the negatives (not many), it’s a very tight back seat – almost feels like my mini cooper. The 2 door coupe is powerful and none the less an incredibly smart and high tech car. Here are a few of my highlights:

-Keyless car

-the speedometer on the windshield (this definitely got me excited)

-The sleek, elegant interiors

-The smooth drive

-The high tech advantages of telling you if there’s a car in your blind view or if you’re too close to a car.

-Triple leather interiors

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