Hair Tutorial: How to get the ultimate Volume

March 9

Volume really makes all the difference in the world. You can have curly, straight or blow dried hair but adding volume really adds the ultimate drama. This month, I have teamed up with Marquee Salon and their creative director, Cat for the ultimate volume – something I always look for in a hairstyle.

Wearing an ALEXIS top and Alice McCall skirt from S*uce Boutique

Products Used:

Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity

GHD Heat Retainer Round Brush

GHD Hair Dryer

Kevin.Murphy Large.Rollers

Balmain Hair Couture Hair Dress

Natural Bristle Backcombing brush

Kevin.Murphy Texture.Master

Still Image Shots: 

STEP 1 – Dry the hair… Starting with rough dried clean hair. Use a little Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity to smooth through the hair to the ends. Take a large section and with a large ghd heat retainer smooth and wrap the hair with the dryer.

STEP 2 – Create soft curls… Take the same section and put into a Kevin.Murphy Large.Roller. Repeat step 1 and 2 on large sections of the hair until it is all placed into rollers and leave to set for 10 minutes. Take out the rollers out of the hair letting it fall naturally. Using your fingers section the hair at the top of the head and around the crown.

STEP 3 – Get extra length and volume… Using the Balmain Hair Dress to add extra length and/or thickness pull the sectioned hair through the hair dress and position the wire onto the head.

STEP 4 – Create va-va-voom volume… Starting at the front of the head take small a small front section of air and back comb starting at the root of the hair. Taking section by section work backwards until all the hair is backcombed.

FINISHED LOOK – Scrunch in a little Kevin.Murphy Texture.Master, and there’s your finished look! Big and bouncy with lots of vivacious volume! (2 IMAGES)