Fitness Choice: TRX at Machka Beauty & Body Design

March 15
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If you follow me on instagram and twitter, you would have seen my latest fitness obsession – TRX Training. I started doing a few classes a couple of months ago, fell in love with it and now do it twice a week. My body has never felt as stronger and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to add strength to their workout. Make sure to follow my fitness journey and workouts on @myfashdiary

Where: Machka Beauty & Body Design on Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah.

What: TRX Training

Type of workout: A full body workout, which always starts with a warm up followed by a workout targeting legs, abs, arms and chest, it ends with stretching.

What it helps: TRX is functional training that uses your body weight and helps everything from strength, flexibility, core stability and balance.

The Studio: A villa in Jumeirah, which is home to everything from hair, make up, nails, to hammams!

Changing rooms: They have a bathroom and changing rooms.

Amenities: Just come in your workout clothes and trainers – they have the mat, towels, water and equipment.

Parking: Right outside the villa

Recommended Instructors: Afaf, the queen of TRX teaches one on one or in small groups – she’s amazing, tough and hilarious. You’re going to leave with one of the best workouts and really spices it up with every session.


Pro’s :

-Straight to the point and get a full body workout.

-There aren’t many reps, so you never ever get bored.

-Afef, the instructor mixes up the warm ups, so you can run on a treadmill one day, and do a 10 minute session of kickboxing the next.

-I was doing one on one sessions, so she really focuses on you, your workout and your body.

-Every class/session ends with assisted stretching and if you’re lucky, a sports massage using the roller!

-TRX is a workout good for the ligaments, so no extra pressure on the ankles or knees.

-The classes are constantly challenging, with different workouts every class – and sometimes, ankle weights!


Cost: AED200/per session or AED1,800 for 12 sessions