All you need to know about Eyelash extensions.

March 1

Finding someone to get your lashes done is (nearly) as important as finding a good doctor… you need to hunt for a good one, using a good technique with the right lashes. One of my favourite lash gurus in Dubai is Laila from Pastels Salon, A Celebrity lash and brow technician from London. A lot of women are sceptical and ask me about lash extensions, and I’ll be honest – you can get really, really good ones that can get you addicted or bad ones that can ruin your lashes.

I asked Laila the questions a lot of people tend to ask me…

-So many lash brands and so many salons that offer lash extensions. How do we choose?
The technicians experience is the most important thing when deciding on lash extensions. The brands and the salons do not really matter if the the technicians don’t know what they are doing. Lashes come in four different weights 0.25, 0.20, 0.15 and 0.10. They are all synthetic and hand cut. Most of the brands do not carry the 0.10 lashes which is my favourite weight to use.
– Do lash extensions make me lose my lashes?
Using the 0.20 and 0.25 long term will damage your own lashes, as your natural lashes can not handle the weight of them. For special occasions I personally would use the 0.15 to give more of a va va voom look to the eyes. I recommend the 0.10 for everyday because they are the closest weight to the natural lash, and in most cases it has helped the clients natural lashes to grow, not only because they are lighter but also their is no applying and removing of mascara which is one causes of eyelash damage.
– Can lash extensions affect me in the long run?
Only if the technician is not experienced and you continuously use the 0.25 and the 0.20 lashes. The damage could take months to repair.
– How do you take care of lash extensions?
Easy, leave them alone! Do not use oil based eye make-up removers, do not brush them! Do blow dry them for a few seconds after getting them wet. This sets the adhesive and fluffs the lashes.
– What if I can’t come in for refills every two weeks?
Not a problem. If you choose not to have them done again you can leave them to fall out naturally and after three weeks you could apply a fine coat of mascara on them. A good set of lash extensions should last for two-three weeks, depending on the cycle of your lash growth, sometimes longer.