DJ & Model, Zara Martin’s beauty secrets

February 22

I recently sat down with my friend, DJ & Model, Zara Martin on her trip to Dubai at Toko restaurant at Vida Hotel to discuss her collaboration with SkinnyDip, which are headphones with LED lights exclusively to Topshop globally.

Tell me how your collaboration with Skinnydip London came about?
The 3 guys behind the brand are hilarious they are really cool guys. It was a friend of mine that actually put me in touch with them. If we’re not going to do something that we are all really excited and proud about, then there is no point in doing it, so we wanted to do something that we’ve never really done before. So we came out with idea of doing LED lights – we took our time sampling products, because for me, I wanted to be sure that it’s good quality and products we are happy with.

What are the beauty products that you swear by?
I just discovered the best thing ever it’s a Tom Ford primer, it’s amazing..I don’t like to put foundation or bb cream. The things that I always have in my bag is perfume, I like Chanel 22 and Estee lauder’s modern muse. I like the lip balm, sexy mother pucker – it’s amazing.

Do you take any supplements?
Omega 3,6,9, I also take a B12 when I feel like I have low energy, but sometimes I like to have a shot because it makes u feel so alive..

Fitness routine?
Skinny Bitch Collective! My trainer is hilarious, he does classes and one on ones. It’s so intense, no classes are ever the same, you can do the group classes so I go with 2 friends – we do like a private session, it’s fun because it’s so fast paced, you don’t have time to whine or think about what you’re doing…

Your hair looks amazing! hair secrets?
I’ll never dye my hair again,  I can’t believe how blonde it was! I use Pantene and when I need a treatment I use Ojon.