Blind testing Dettol’s shampoo

February 20

You might be thinking why I’ve been talking a lot about Dettol’s new shampoo and here’s why. A few weeks ago, I was asked to take part in a blind test challenge. Being someone that constantly reviews beauty products in the market, Dettol approached a bunch of experts to judge the product before knowing the brand. These days, we judge a product by it’s brand (I’m also guilty of it). Just because it’s X and expensive, it must be good, just because it’s Y and mass, it must be low in quality. Over the span of the blind test, I was given a bottle to try out as well as blow dries at a salon that was using the product. My initial thoughts of the product was that it’s light (it’s milky yes, but lighter than the creamy shampoos on the market) and the fact that it smells good, nothing too distinct than the shampoos we smell, but nonetheless smells good.

A few days ago was the global launch. I didn’t think I was going to be as eager as I was. I was excited because I started asking people for guesses as well as guessing a few brands myself. (Dettol was actually none of my guesses – ha!)

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The event took place at RIRA Gallery in DIFC – the white walls and setting just made me think it was a shampoo that was pure and was going to focus on cleanliness – as well as have a medical aspect to it. Middle East is actually the first region in the world to have the Dettol ProScalp Shampoo range, and being a brand that people generally trust in their home, I definitely think it’s going to cater to a lot of men and women. The shampoo focuses on helping you achieve a healthy scalp. During the event, they brought down a prominent Trichologist, Dr. Mike Ryan who mentioned that most of our hair fall and dandruff is due to the scalp not being clean and healthy.

The question is… will you be trying it?

The shampoo will be available at leading pharmacies & supermarkets starting from March.