Treatments to Try: Kerastraight, Heaven therapy & a Japanese massage.

January 26
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Get Frizz-free hair
What: Kerastraight treatment
Where: Pastels Salon (They have several branches around town, but this was done at Pastels on Al Wasl Road
The treatment: The name of the treatment confuses everyone including myself – it’s not a straightening treatment but rather an amazing de-frizzing, smoothing and repairing treatment that can be done on all hair types. I tend to do a treatment like this twice a year due to the fact that I have thick hair, so it makes it unmanageable with hot weather. If there’s one thing that usually bothers me in those treatments like Hair Botox and Keratin, is the fact that the formulas are usually very strong, which ends up burning my eyes and burns my skin. Kerastraight is Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free (and can even be used on clients that are pregnant or breastfeeding!). The treatment started with a wash on their fab flat beds using the pre-treatment cleansing shampoo to remove all the build up of products, this is followed with a pre-treatment spray applied to sections as a primer, before the Kerastraight is applied on all the hair by sections (it works on the cortex, rather than just the superficial part), the plastic cap covers the hair and left damp for 45 mins before getting rinsed. As a shampoo is not used, you will get whiffs of the treatment, which isn’t the loveliest of scents on the next day or two. After the hair is dried, it is straightened with the Kerastraight irons. Hair had to be completely dry and I got in the next day for Georgie to check the treatment and a full blow dry (washed with Kerastraight shampoo and conditioner of course)
Results: My hair is not only frizz free, and quite straight (I don’t have wavy hair to begin with) – it also makes a quick air dry look like a blow dry, thanks to how smooth my hair became!
Recommended therapist: Georgie and Girlie
Cost: It really depends on your hair, each treatment is bespoke depending on your hair diagnosis and consultation. They price it depending on how many bottles they use. Mine was around 4 bottles which cost between AED2,500 to AED3,000.
Extra notes:
-This is best to be done a few days after colour as the colour strips away the treatment.
-It doesn’t work the same on everyone’s hair – it really depends on your hair texture and the health of your hair.
-It’s a semi-permanent treatment, so you must use the recommended shampoo and conditioner for it to last up to 3-4 months.
Recommended rating: 9/10

Try an organic hair treatment by Rahua
What: Rahua hair treatment
Where: Posh Salon, Burj Al Arab
The treatment: A 3 step treatment which includes shampoo, conditioner and their popular, Omega mask. After the hair was cleansed and conditioned on the ends, the omega mask was mixed with their hair elixir to add more hydration to the hair. I was then treated to a lovely scalp massage with the mask before being put under the team for 10-15 minutes. This was washed out, followed by a blow dry.
Results: The treatment is great for coloured hair, and definitely brightened up the colour, whilst making it feel fresh and softer.
Recommended stylist: Tamer
Cost: AED250
Extra notes:
-The shower chair could have been more comfortable around the neck.
-Tamer gives a great blow dry!
Recommended rating: 7/10

Give your hands & feet an SOS
What: Heaven hand & foot therapy
Where: Nstyle (they have salons all around town)
The treatment: An Anti-aging therapy by Deborah Mitchell’s Heaven skincare brand. The treatment is just a notch up from your usual mani-pedi treatment. This one includes a soak and the typical mani/pedi procedures including the sea salt glow to exfoliate the skin (this smells like peppermint) and removes all the dead skin. For the hands, the divine cream was used instead of a cuticle oil, followed by the SOS oil to nourish and hydrate (they also use this in their facials) The treatment was ended with a bee venom mask applied on to the skin, followed by a cling wrap and left under the heat with the mittens – after 10 minutes of heat penetrating the skin, the same mask was used for the hand and foot massage.
Results: My hands and feet felt super soft and hydrated.
Recommended therapist: Ana
Cost: AED185 for hands and AED200 for feet
Extra notes:
-Kate Middleton is a fan of the brand
-I later found out I missed out on the Vanilla pod cream, which is one of the best from the Heaven range.
Recommended rating: 7/10

Indulge in a Japanese massage
What: A Japanese Shiatsu massage
Where: at the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel (one of the most famous NYC hotels that is now at The Palm)
The treatment: After I arrived, I was greeted with orange flavoured water and an orange blossom towel before being taken to my huge, gorgeous suite (which is actually made for two people – has a chandelier, and an LED bath). The massage itself was a 50 minute Japanese Shiatsu massage using Kinmoxei oil (which hydrates and stimulates). The shiatsu is very similar to the deep tissue using finger pressures and includes stretches.
Results: Incredibly

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relaxing, but I also really enjoyed the Waldorf’s spa for a change. The spa is stunning, so it works for great gifts.
Recommended therapist: Iona
Cost: AED450
Extra notes:
-The hotel is not your typical Asian or Arabian inspired ones you see around the city – Waldorf’s spa is elegant, classy and clean cut.
-Wasn’t very impressed with their spa entrance (they have a dedicated one, yet no valet). I didn’t really understand the point of the spa entrance if you don’t have it serviced?
Recommended rating: 9/10

Get a slimming aid
What: Heaven Slimming Lymph Drain massage
Where: Nstyle nail spa
The treatment: For the women who want to aid their weight loss, slimming massages on the side of healthy eating and exercises work well as the perfect combination. Nstyle have launched a 60 minute massage using Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products to help relieve fluid retention, digestion and arthritis.
Results: I definitely felt energised and tighter due to the massage technique, even though I would prefer a firmer one next time.
Recommended therapist: Naomi
Cost: AED450
Extra notes:
-The room was freezing, which they said was because of the mall temperature but this is definitely one to work on as it’s difficult to relax when shivering!
Recommended rating: 6/10