For the coffee lovers: Starbucks Reserve store in Abu Dhabi

January 9

I recently checked out the Starbucks Reserve store in Abu Dhabi (YAS Mall on YAS Island to be exact). Quite a large store, and more luxurious than the typical ones around the country. The design is super sleek with details of local elements and art – but the most exciting part,is the fact that they have selected rare & single-original coffees in store as well as a Clover brewing system, in which baristas receive special training to prepare Starbucks Reserve™ coffees using the Clover® brewing system, which is designed to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

A few things you need to know about the Clover brewing system:

-It uses innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology to create every cup of coffee right in front of the customer.
-It controls brewing time and temperature digitally, as even small changes can dramatically affect the outcome of the coffee’s taste, and giving the customer the ultimate coffee experience.
-All Starbucks coffees are selected for their quality and carefully roasted to bring out their individual flavours.
-Starbucks YAS reserve  is now the home of this latest machine, where customers are enjoying a new era in the coffee industry for the first time in UAE.

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