5 minutes with… Sheherazade Goldsmith

January 11
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I always struggle finding the perfect gift… I was recently introduced to Loquet London, a British Luxury jewellery concept created by Laura Bailey (one of my style crushes!) and Sheherazade Goldsmith. One half of the brand, Sheherazade also happens to be the partner of Gravity director, Alfonso Cuaron recently came down to Dubai to promote her brand at Boutique 1 and I had the chance to sit down and talk to her. The brand is exclusive to Boutique1 in Dubai.

The collection is available at Boutique 1, Dubai.
I love the whole concept I was looking through it few days ago..
Thank you..the idea behind it is that people can tell their stories by designing their piece of jewelry as you’ll be making your piece with charms that have meanings to you. My loquet has my children’s birthday. Putting charms on their lockets represent the people they love or moments that they cherish or things that make them smile.

How many charms can you put on a Loquet?
For the large size, you could put like up to about thirteen charms if you wanted to and the medium size usually takes between four and five and small size take between one and two… but you can always double up! It’s kind of a code of description of your story so each loquet is completely individual. It’s about the idea behind loquet, was really to celebrate people’s uniqueness and individuality.

Love the concept. How does it feel being here in Dubai?
I’ve been here 8 years ago for a friends birthday. It’s really nice to be here, I love that the collections expanded to the point where I’m traveling and that we get to go to different countries – we also get to see what charms the consumers like.

How did Loquet start up?
The idea came to me because my son gave me a Christmas present. I told my friend Laura about this idea , it’s really an idea that came about because we really like to have that piece of jewelry and it didn’t exist. So a year of meetings, travelling and so on… the collection was born.

Amazing..Do you wear it day and night?
Yes, because they represent so much. You carry the people that you love the most, they become part of you. It really is incredibly meaningful.

How do you and Laura work together?
We design together. Laura is very creative, she has such a good knowledge in the fashion industry and I have an idea of the business side, so that’s how we stick for work – But we’re really good friends – we work really fast and we both are incredibly busy people…

Do you currently work on a seasonal basis?
Yes we do. Back in June, we also came out with a Diamond collection.

What are 3 of your favorite spots in London?
-I love Richmond park, it’s beautiful and just on the outskirts. It’s about 2500 acres of woodland. It’s one of those places in the city where you can go at sunset, and really be by yourself.
-I love Soho for the food – my favorite restaurant is based there, Ducksoup. Really, really small but according to me, has the best food in London!
-Shopping wise, there’s a bookstore in Notting Hill – Rutyens and Rubinstein! I always spend hours…

What are you currently working on?
Travelling – New York is next month and just developing the collection!