5 minutes with… Jonathan Cheban

November 29
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You might know him from all the Kardashian shows, critics on TV, instagram or one of his many business. Jonathan Cheban was recently in town and I had the chance to speak to him about Dubai, his businesses including his new site as well as his NYC hotspots (that you need to know!)

I’m wearing a dress by Motel


How are you Jonathan! It was so lovely to briefly meet you at the Vogue Gala.

Good..a little jet lagged, but surviving!


How does it feel to be in Dubai?

I’m obsessed with Dubai, I love it I feel really at home here..because it is a cross between New York, Miami and Vegas.


You mentioned that it is your first time here? It is just like what you expected?

It is more than I expected..I didn’t realize it had so many buildings.. They’re everywhere, not just downtown.


You are quite an entrepreneur, do you think you’ll be starting something here in Dubai?

Hopefully with my website TheDishh (Jonathan’s latest project), that is becoming such a big kind of lifestyle destination that people all over the world are kind of jumping on and we had a million people this month and its only in 3rd month.


That’s amazing.

Which is like so crazy and I have only been pushing it through my own, I have not even asked for any favors or any others to push it, it is really just from my own stuff..naturally it’s happening..hopefully we can do some kind of Dubai section! Also on restaurants, I have a place in Miami called Sushi Couture, on ocean drive and I’m opening a burger chain called Burger Bandit..seeing you guys that you have so many different things here, I need to bring them to Dubai!


What made you start TheDishh?

I’ve always kind of been known for people asking me where to eat, and as my instagram got bigger I saw that the biggest reaction I had was would be 30-40 thousand likes on a picture..I start going to a restaurant to Miami and people said “we just put a hundred people here because of you”..everywhere I go “people came here because of you” I decided to expand on that. Originally The Dishh was supposed to be on more food that is why it’s called TheDishh, now it’s more of a lifestyle site – a celebrity field to everything like cars.


Is it targeted to a specific audience?

No, I like both highs and low, I go to most amazing restaurants..but then I still go out for buffalo wings. I don’t like things that are just for a certain group of people, I want everyone to be able to enjoy and I think that what’s going on, people are kind of logging on to see all the fun places to go and it’s not just to spend at a restaurant but it’s the bagel stores that have the best bagels!


It’s just been 3 months but any future plans? 

We just built the studio with the green screen so we are going to  do interviews and I’m going to do stand ups. More of me and videos!


As a regular traveler, what are your travel tips?

If you are going on a long trip, pack in sections. My mom actually helps me with that, the first layer would be what I’m wearing first. When I came here I already had the suit ready for the Vogue Italia ball dinner.


What are 3 of your favorites cities?

Miami, Dubai and Monaco.


Recommended New York hotspots?

Tao downtown, it’s a must see for anybody from out of town, It is overwhelming and so beautiful. Carbone, which is the hottest Italian restaurant in New York. It is amazing..the food is need to book months in advance and it is just an old school kind of Italian, but everybody from Michelle Obama, I mean everybody goes there… Me and Kris Jenner go there all the time and Zuma which will open up in 3 weeks!


Recommended LA hotspots?

I like Hakassan, even though their menu is quite dietary (for LA, ha!) but I love the way it looks. Giorgio Baldi, an Italian restaurant- it is a secret place and a real power house, and Craig’s, which has become an institution for power house dinners.


Lastly, What are you currently working on?

Besides sushi couture, Burger bandit, and TheDishh..I have a female based phone accessory company, we do products geared towards younger females for cell phones, so we have glam screen which is a mirror that you put over your phone and then when you turn your phone on it, It becomes see through and we also have a selfie ring which is very cool, you put it on and it becomes very easy to type on and take selfies!