Restaurant Review: Lao, Dubai

September 14
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Ideal for… a South East Asian cuisine experience.


Restaurant name and location: Lao, Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the Palm.

Cuisine: South East Asian… think Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indonesian.

Atmosphere: Relaxed and private yet still quite full on a Thursday evening.

What they say: 

Taking its inspiration from the 1st millennium tribe that settled across South East Asia, LAO restaurant reflects the rich culinary traditions of the Lao people, heavily influenced by North-Eastern Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

LAO aims to elevate traditional South East Asian cuisine through contemporary presentations, fusing modern and traditional cooking techniques, and developing truly unique flavors and sensory experiences.

A staple food of the Lao people is steamed sticky rice, so beloved and indicative to their cultural heritage that the Lao have been known to refer to themselves as “Luk Khao Niaow”, which loosely translates to “children of sticky rice”.

What to order:

-Dumplings (The shrimp dumplings to be specific, were spectacular!)

-Green Mango and Cashew salad (Fresh and light)

-Black pepper beef with a dish of Singapore noodles

-Chocolate Foundant


Service: Ace service by Dwi and Kusumi!


What I loved:

-They have some hidden, off the menu dishes like the money bag. Ask for them!

-A different experience to your typical Asian restaurant, but come in with no expectations.


Bill for two: AED400


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