On my Plate: Cafe Blanc, Abu Dhabi

July 22
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Ideal for… a modern Lebanese lunch. (a twist to your regular Lebanese meal!)


Restaurant name and location: Cafe Blanc at Eastern Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Lebanese

Atmosphere: Quite full for Abu Dhabi with a mix of Arabs and expats

What they say: Café Blanc introduces a new trend in Lebanese restoration. The oriental atmosphere is charming, relaxing and presented with a twist. It is a Lebanese café which is modern in image, yet traditional in essence. The menu is creative in terms of mezze, desserts, traditional juices and hot drinks. Café Blanc is a casual place where you can come at any time of the day whether to eat or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, a nice dessert or narguile while, playing tawleh with friends.


What to order:

-Arayess halloumi (They come baked instead of grilled)

-Raheb salad (similar to baba ghanoush, mashed grilled egg plant with tomato, onion and cucumber)

-Vine leaves (massive portion)

-Djej msakhan with fries (Dry, but seasoned well with turnips and sumak)

-Fattet shawarma djej (cool twist on fatte)

-Oriental foundant

-Jabal lebnen coupe

-Mint lemonade (fresh and delicious!)


Service: 8/10


What I loved:

-I loved the modern, funky, and colourful interiors with traditional Lebanese mezze dishes.

-You get thermos and soaked almonds when you arrive.

-Extensive drinks menu.

-You get a cafe blanc (white coffee) post meal!


Bill for two: AED200


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