EXCLUSIVE interview with Viktor & Rolf

May 28
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So excited to share that I recently interviewed the Viktor & Rolf designers, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, designers, couturiers and legendary perfumers. They just launched their brand new fragrance, Bon Bon – a sweet scent wrapped in the most adorable bottle that looks like a bow. We spoke about Dubai, the fragrance culture and how difficult it was to make this bottle.

How does it feel to be in Dubai ?

Very nice. We arrived yesterday!

Is it your first time in the region?


Are you going to checking out a few of Dubai’s…either than Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall?

Yes. We went to the Souq this morning. We visited all the perfumes stores. It was very interesting.

What are your thoughts so far?

Very hot & very new! It was nice to see the authentic perfume shops, with all the different brands that we do not know – all the perfumes we had no idea existed. It shows how important fragrances are here.

Exactly. It’s a part of the culture. And are you doing any other countries in the region?

Not on this trip. Just here (Dubai)

Ok. So how important is fragrance to your brand? Being a fashion brand and everything…

Very important. I would even say essential… Ever since we started out, we had always the idea that perfume is part of a fashion house. We almost said to ourselves that fashion is more than clothes on a hanger. It is more about creating a dream, a fantasy. A perfume is very much a part of that.

Can you tell me about the new fragrance? The scent? What inspired you?

We kind of started with the bottle… because for us the bottle is such a symbol of Couture and we come from Haute Couture. It is in our genes. We were thinking: “a bottle does not smell but what does smell like a bonbon?” A candy wrapper. That looks like a bow and it smells very sweet. And we thought a “Bonbon” is a great name. We started smell like almost being in a candy store. All different types of chocolates, candies…and that was that caramel that we fell in love with. It started around the idea of a very buttery caramel.

Your fragrances always have a very distinctive striking bottle; how important is the packaging of your bottle to your fragrances?

It is very important because it is like an inviting and seducing object. A beautiful object. Luxurious and it is part of the story. We have always considered perfume as a total story. The name, the bottle, the packaging and the image. They all have their own part in saying something. So, yes, it is a very important part. It is funny because we made the sketch very quickly and said to ourselves ‘ok, let’s make a bottle the shape of a bow’. I mean, the sketch was a couple of seconds but it was not so easy to make it. At a certain point we were told it was impossible to make it. So we said it cannot be. It is a simple idea. So here we are; thankfully.

I love it! Did you have anyone in mind while creating it. A ‘Bonbon’ girl?

No because we noticed when we met all the women who love Flowerbomb, that there is no specific woman or girl. The audience is so large, and that is so great about a perfume. We can reach so many people.

Any plans to create an Arabic inspired one?

We have one for Flowerbomb; and hopefully, yes, for Bonbon as well in the future.

What are you currently working on?

We are working on our next Couture in July. We just launched a jewelry lines with Swarovski. We just open a new store in Paris, Rue Saint Honoré. So there are a lot of things coming on. For us especially the fact that we are doing Couture again since a couple of seasons. It is great; we love it. We think it is very rewarding to be able to separate Couture and ready to wear. Because in Couture we can be very experimental and show something very creative without any constrictions. And in ready to wear we can really focus on wearable clothes. Showing how we would like to dress women.