Tried & Tested: SPRAY TANNING in Dubai

April 26

I get spray tans every now and then. It’s one of those I always feel like they’re a hassle to get but once I get a good one, I get addicted. I scoured the city for spray tans… here’s my round up of a few:


For… Dubai’s best and a Sunkissed tan.

What & Where: Spray tan at Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road (Jumeirah branch)

Brand: Vita Liberata and Xen Tan (they are both great, the only difference was Vita’s pigments were darker but Xen Tan was less sticky)

Recommended therapist: Elvie (a tan artist, literally… love watching her apply it!)

Did it streak/smudge? No

Colors: I went for the dark option, they also had medium.

Scent: It just had a strong self tan scent for the first day, but it soon started to disappear after the first day.


-The tan is non toxic & Organic.

-Best to do on a free evening as you can’t shower for 8-12 hours

-They give you disposable underwear’s.

-Elvie (the therapist) dries you up with a fan and hot dryer. Wish more salons did that!

Lasted: It started fading after 5 days, but then again I shower every day.

Cost: AED180

Contact details:

Stars: 10/10


For a… Dark tan.

What & Where: Dollhouse Salon at Dubai Ladies Club – Mona Kattan’s brainchild.

Brand:  That’so

Recommended therapist: Dulce

Did it streak/smudge? Yes, I had streaks and some patches of uneven colour.

Colors: They have one shade, but you can go for several coats depending on the colour you want. I went for two coats.

Scent: It smelt good getting it done, but smelt the typical spray tan scent the next morning.


-You need to shower after 4-6 hours which I liked because I didn’t have to sleep uncomfortably for the first night.

-They didn’t have disposable underwear’s, which was slightly irritating getting spray tan on my own.

-Super, super slow but I was very happy with the colour so it was worth it.

Lasted: 2 weeks

Cost: AED250

Contact details:

Stars: 6/10


For a… Non-fuss perfect glow

What & Where: Blo Out beauty bar, Tecom

Brand: Xen Tan

Recommended therapist: Jay

Did it streak/smudge? Not really, but slightly on the fingers & toes due to the Vaseline applied.

Colors: They had one shade but the therapist made me check my colour after each coat to judge whether I want to stay that colour or go darker.

Scent: Typical spray tan scent but I used the Xen Tan scent secure to help with that


-You can shower 6-8 hours after

-Xen Tan is an organic tanning brand

-I was given a disposable underwear & hair cap

-I stood in front of a fan for 10 minutes post tan before getting dressed and heading out.

Lasted: 7-9 days

Cost: AED150

Contact details: 

Stars: 9.5/10



For a… No-mess St Tropez tan

What & Where: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai Mall (but they have branches across Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Brand: St Tropez

Recommended therapist:  Mercy

Did it streak/smudge? No

Colors: They have two shades, I went with the lighter one

Scent: Subtle scent right after the tan


-They had feet stickers, genius! I didn’t have to get vaseline on my soles nor did I get orange feet.

-I was given a shower cap and disposable underwear.

Lasted: 5-7 days

Cost: AED175

Contact details:

Stars: 9/10