Partnering up as a Key Opinion Leader for Duty Free Shopping.

April 3

So excited to be collaborating with Duty Free Shopping as a Key Opinion leader (another word for influencer or ambassador) for their DFS Fragrance Gala in Abu Dhabi next week.  If you’re not very familiar with DFS, the majority of the private company is owned by LVMH and is the world’s leading luxury travel retailer – known for bringing together world-class brands and personalised services. Presenting an exhibition at Manarat Al Saadiyat Gallery (The Place of Enlightenment) on April 10th next week, the showcase is going to include fine, one-of-a-kind and world-exclusive fragrances.

The Masters of Fragrances exhibit will unfold in two parts: A private invitation-only gala event on April 10 at the Manarat Al Saadiyat Gallery—a modern art and culture center where the fragrances will take center stage as attendees explore the world of exclusive perfumes and engage with the experts from distinguished brands. Following the gala event, Masters of Fragrances will be transferred to Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1 where it will reside until June 12, 2014, offering world travelers the opportunity to enjoy the creative presentation and shop the exclusive collection.

With a selection of 26 different fragrances from 22 renowned brands, Masters of Fragrance will showcase  the best of the best with commissions from Amouage, Armani Prive, Estee Lauder and Dior to name a few. The DFS Fragrance boutique in Abu Dhabi will open in Terminal 3 on the 9th of April with exclusives by The Different Company, Penhaligons, Xerjoff and Worldwide exclusives from Bond #9, Byredo (one of my favourites!), Diptyque, By Killian and The Fragrance Kitchen (another favourite!)

As one of three KOL’s masters in our own fields, I will be attending the event as well as documenting it on & social media channels (so make sure to stay tuned!), I’m joined by two KOLs – Mark Colle, who I’m personally a great fan of (look out for my interview with Mark coming up soon!), an Antwerp-based International florist who has worked on prominent fashion brands as well as the man behind the flowers at Dior’s Couture show (who will also be creating an original installation at the Gala event, which I can’t wait for.), and lastly, Michael Edwards is the 3rd Key Opinion Leader, the author of the renowned Fragrances of the world, and an award-winning global authority on fragrance – who will be conducting scent workshops for attendees to “develop their nose”. #dfsmasters

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