Tips on how to get organised this Spring.

March 26

I don’t know about you, but one of the things on my to do list is to organise my room & closet better. I’m quite organised work wise, but because I’m naturally not the most organised person… I struggle with clothes and papers in my bed room now that I’ve stopped going to the office as much. Being organized is something that makes you feel better, as you end up having more space around you – a great Feng Shui tactic. I recently met Shelina, the founder of Decluttr Me here in Dubai. Shelina started her business about six months ago after leaving her job as a lawyer. When I asked why she started the company, she explained, “I always dreamt to do it. I had a close friend in England and she was as bad as me! Our desks used to be identical; very organised, everything was in the right place. We thought it would be a nice business. It was like a dream. And I was fed up of being a lawyer….So I googled it and I found we could do it, that it was quite big in the UK.”. I asked Shelina to share her top tips below so do take note… She also has a blog on the site with some great notes so be sure to check it out, and obviously worth contacting her if you need some help with organisation at home!


-What I do is, when I see something I’m not using, I get rid of it. If I see something which is old; I have a box and I put it into it. I have boxes for old clothes; to sell them on flea market – you can also look at Ebay or My Ex Wardrobe, Dubizzle for Furniture.


-If the piece is from a high end designer like Chanel or Dior… They are worth keeping. If they are some of the new designers, good for one or two seasons… get rid of them. Keep the items you know in ten years time they still look fabulous. The Classics. Get rid of the rest of them.


-You also have to think where you live now. If you live in Dubai now you do not need all your jumpers.


-Section them. I have for example a section for designer stuff, then I have a long wardrobe for my long dresses next to it. Another part would be for dresses for work when I was a lawyer. Then the Glam section for when I am going out. You know, you can easily go to the dresses you are going to wear during the day till the evening ones. It will also help you get ready faster in the mornings!


-Get rid of your old stock! Ask yourself, “Am I keeping them for sentimental purposes?” Is it something you would wear again? Because if no… Just get rid of them! Put them in a box and sell it or donate it.


-For Organizational boxes, the best place in Dubai is IKEA! This is my favorite place in the world. There are those boxes called Samla. Clear or semi opaque, in different sizes and that you can use for different things.


-If you would like to give away clothes, There are several donation bins in Dubai. There is one in Wafi, the Spinney’s in Umm Suqeim has bins too, Motor City. They are all the same. I have given a few times to the Bur Dubai Jail because there are women there who got arrested and they don’t have any clothes and are not allowed to get some from anyone. You can give the long dresses, the jumpers…because it can be cold there and they really appreciate it.

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