Going Ombre with… Celebrity Colourist, Negin Zand.

March 22

The last time I got my hair coloured, I wanted to go ombre but as my hair was too dark, I got a colour that looked more like highlights. When I heard Celebrity stylist to the stars, Negin Zand was heading to Dubai for her next hair appointment sessions at Jetset Salon, Dubai (she comes down every three months), I made sure to book in with her.


Who is Negin Zand?

LA based and Celebrity Colorist was born in Iran, but spent most of her life growing up in Sydney & LA – starting her career in Australia. Zand is an expert in the technique, Baliage (most celebrities only get this colour technique done) – originating from France – the technique is basically done in a sweeping, paint brush motion and free-form style when highlighting the hair – as well as being quick (takes 15 minutes or less!) Negin has worked with stars from Kate Hudson, Madonna, Nicole Kidman to Kate Bosworth and Megan Fox. In terms of publications, she has worked with everyone from Vogue, Harpers to Vanity Fair and Allure – not to mention advertising work with Pantene, Revlon to L’Oreal.

Colorist Negin Zand was born in Iran and spent much of her life living in both Sydney and Los Angeles. She began her career in Australia, where she first realized her interest for color development. In 1991, she relocated to Los Angeles to fortify her talent for capturing the natural effect of sunlight upon hair. Negin worked with the infamous Sally Herberger for many years and recently left Sally’s scene for the calmer, laid-back environment of Salon Benjamin (owned by British hairstylist Benjamin Mohapi) on Melrose Avenue in West L.A.


The Salon: Jetset Emirates Towers

Jetset is one of my favourite salons in Dubai – super innovative, great service and I always seem to leave with the perfect blow outs. They have branches all around the city but this took place at the Emirates Towers one.


The process?

No wait time, Negin is on it. As soon as I arrived, Negin greeted me and we had a quick consultation. This lady is an expert, I tell her what I want, she listens to what I had to say and tells me what she suggests. I felt like we were on the same page, having worked with so many different women and stars that need to look their best, I trusted her say.


The colour:

Negin left me to mix up the colours, and got back to apply it on my hair alongside her assistant from LA. Watching Negin was amazing, looked like an artist at work. Zand is an expert in the Balayage technique – feathering the ombre for it too natural rather than a dip dye. My hair was then covered with plastic and separated with cotton wool rather than foils, before being diffused and then moving to the basin. I must say it was all very quick which I love, no one wants to spend hours at a salon to get the colour they want.

A gloss was then applied to my hair to remove any brassy effect as well as give the hair the needed shine and hydration after colour. The hair was then washed with Kerastase and even got a lovely scalp massage.



Love, Love, Love my hair… Not only did it look brighter and a natural ombre (surfer chick as Negin Zand likes to call it), it just gave my complexion the perfect harmony.


Cost: Not cheap at all, but if you want to get a natural colour that will only need topping up, I suggest you book in with Negin Zand. You don’t want to play with colour – Invest in a great colourist. My hair cost 1,000USD.