Fitness Choice: Mojo Pilates, Dubai

March 31

I’m constantly looking for brand new fitness studios in the city and I’ve fallen in love with Mojo – a reformer pilates studio, or cardio pilates as how they’d like to call it. Having only opened recently, it’s been the talk of the town with top editors swearing by the workout.


What: The newly opened Mojo Fitness studio.

Where: The Concord tower Building in Dubai Media City

Type of workout: Cardio Pilates aka Reformer Pilates

What it helps: Full body workout, and don’t be fooled. It’s tough – if you’re not familiar with the exercise, similar to Bootcamp Pilates in London and SLT in New York City.

The Studio: A Boutique studio, one class with a private room within it – quite compact but spacious at the same time. Super clean, simple and minimal with a touch of pink. They also have a Juice bar within the studio (big plus!). The machines are Allegro 2 by Balanced Body.

Changing rooms: Simple with showers, they also have lockers and a blow-dry.

Parking: The sand pit but they always seem to be full on weekdays (Grrr!) However they just launched a free one hour parking slot in their building for all Mojo clients.

Recommended Instructors: All the instructors are certified Pilates instructors and each one has a completely different style. In the 5 classes I’ve taken with the different instructors, each one was completely different with different postures and movements. Chadidja kicks your bum, Layal is super energetic and Jelena pushes you to get the best workout you can.


Pros :

-You get a real good workout after a session – Even after five classes, I still feel the workout in my muscles the next day.

-They have one on one private sessions, as well as classes every hour – the private ones are really tailored to your body and strength limits.

-Compared to other reformer pilates machines, this one looks ‘less scary’ and the pink colour makes it look a lot more welcoming 🙂

-The Juice bar within the studio! There’s nothing more exciting than a delicious and fresh juice post a tough workout. Each cup costs AED25. My favourites are the Green Cadillac (a delicious green juice) and Hydrator (Watermelon, coconut water and mint)



-The parking and the Concord tower elevators! If you’re not around Dubai Media City, I suggest this to be your weekend workout.




Price: AED110 per class. Comes off cheaper when you buy packages and your first one is free.