Salon Choice: Loft Fifth Avenue Salon, Dubai

February 18

When I signed on with Pantene for their campaign last year, I had to go back to my natural hair colour (a deep dark brown) and that forced me to stay with my natural shade for a good six months. I must say this was good because it made me appreciate my natural hair colour (which I never had the chance to because I was constantly colouring it… and it also made my hair much healthier!). Being the person that I am, I got slightly bored and decided to go ombre at Loft Fifth Salon – their stylists are specialised in colour. I was super impressed with the salon and service. Here’s my breakdown.


Where: Loft Fith Avenue Salon, The Dubai Mall


The Salon: Slick & cool… feels like I’m in a loft in New York City.


Service: Whether it was the manager, my stylist or the assistants – everyone was super helpful and sweet.


Hair brands: They use a range of different brands from Kerastase (styling), Redken (Hair treatments) to L’oreal (hair colour)


Chairs & Shower beds: The chairs are leather & luxe, comfortable too. The shower beds reclined but slightly felt uncomfortable by the neck (or maybe I’m a bit too spoilt with the new flat beds!)


Entertainment: They have a range of the latest magazines, which is always a plus when you’re getting blow dried and even more so, getting your hair colored/getting a hair treatment. They also have a range of drinks for refreshments.


Wi-Fi: They have internet, but it’s quite low… which was a struggle getting work done. Let’s blame that on The Dubai Mall though 🙂


Atmosphere: Amazingly, on a weekday morning – it was packed! However, you still had your privacy… I was able to work on the computer, read magazines, and have my own time.


What else is on the menu: 30 minute teeth whitening, Redken chemistry hair treatments, blow outs & cuts, mani/pedi, waxing, make up, and facials. All-in-One – Must come back and try their treatments, stay tuned!


The process: My session began after meeting  with my colourist, Adriana where she checked the condition of my hair as well as getting an idea of my colour now and where I wanted to go – she advised me on what would be best for my hair as well as mentioning other trends women are currently doing with Ombre. The results were too subtle, that it turned out to be an ombre of light brown (a bit too careful with the hair, but I wanted my ombre!) – the staff didn’t want me to leave unhappy so I was booked in for another appointment with the Color technical director, Romy, who is their most senior stylist and is Australian Lebanese. After talking through the perfect colour, and going for the second colouring. I got my hair re-colored. The subtle blonde was highlighted in a paint brush effect – made famous by the colourist to the stars. To make sure my hair was nourished and hydrated, After colouring, L’oreal Clear was applied on the hair, a clear gloss that lasts for 3 weeks, Cat protein spray, Redken’s Chemistry treatment to help extend the colour and strengthen.


Results: After a total of 7 hours, I finished off with a natural, subtle blonde color – more of end highlights rather than an Ombre. Perfect as a starting point for someone who has dark hair… Baby steps are a must and if you want to go lighter, come in to lighten the strands a month later. Thank you Romy!



Hair Treatment: 160dhs

Ombre : 550dhs.

Blowdry with Iron: 180dhs.

Hair trim: 100dhs or Hair cut:180dhs.


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