On my Plate: Salero - Tapas & Bodega, Dubai.

February 20
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Ideal for… Dinner date on a DJ night or just a dancing night with the girlfriends on Flamenco night!


Restaurant name and location: Salero – Tapas & Bodega at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

Cuisine: Spanish

Atmosphere: I went there on a weekday for lunch so it was slightly quiet but was told the evenings are completely different – some nights have a DJ, Flamenco dancer or band.

What they say: As its name implies, Salero – Tapas & Bodega is an affair of Spanish gastronomy that exudes flair and elegance, complete with a charming ambiance that befits its casual and accommodating character. This distinctive tapas and bodega fuses traditional food-sharing platters with a modern sommelier twist, to offer visitors inimitably genuine and unforgettable Spanish dining.


What to order:

-Calamari tempura (cushiony, and one of the best Calamari dishes I’ve had)

-Homemade Chicken croquettes (cheesy)

-Meatballs in almond sauce

-Lamb confit and garlic oil


-Fried eggplant – tempura like (with a sweet cane honey sauce)

-Cordoba fried bread cream with cinnamon sugar (If you love bread and cinnamon sugar, you have to order this. Amazing!)


Service: Average – they were mostly Spanish and were quite informative but struggled to get their attention at times.


What I loved:

-Their menu is straight to the point and have the Spanish signatures including the Paella.

-For the pork eaters, they serve pork.

-DJ everyday, Flamenco dancer on Mondays and the full band on Wednesday.

-Cool interiors with baskets on the ceiling!


Bill for two: AED400


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