Five Minute Workout: Strength Training.

January 10
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Mixing up your workouts is vital if you want to tone up well and not bulk or over work a specific muscle or area in your body. In addition to Flywheel and Flybarre, I like to add strength training and yoga/pilates. I worked with Sunanda on a 5 week PT strength training routine. I came down to Luxury retreat – Desert Palm, one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai’s fitness centre, The Stables Fitness centre for an hour long session with PT, Sunanda which included a 10 minute cardio workout to warm muscles and heart rate up on one of the cardio machines followed by 50 mins of strength training which varied every week – we worked with machines for one full session, worked with weights one full session and also worked with no weights one full session. What I loved is the fact that my muscles were always completely sore the next day so I was always working on different muscles. The gym itself is dreamy with a view of the Polo and the resort’s nature. They also have classes available at the gym, a powerplate, and a range of Technogym machines. To get you started on your strength workouts, Sunanda shared 5 of his top exercises…


1) Front load squat (This challenges the core, and working quads)


2) Push up (working the front deltoids and chest muscle, with tension on the core)


3) Medicine ball Side Swing (working the obliques, core, legs as well as your balance)


4) Rear Deltoid Raise (this works a range of parts from the upper back, back of shoulder, core and lower back.)


5) 3 Glute Movements (working the glutes, hips, lower back and upper back)



About Desert Palm:

Lush green of the polo fields. Sunset chukkas from a rooftop terrace. Sunrise over the dunes. Sensual Per AQUUM design. Rare dining experiences.

Contrast. The vast sandscapes of the Arabian landscape versus the lush surrounds of green in an extensive polo property. The conventional opulence of Dubai luxury hotels versus signature Per AQUUM chic subtly merged with the elegant forms of local architecture and design.

Set amidst green fields and palm trees, Desert Palm offers sensually designed accommodation – Arabia touched with the avant-garde.

Thirty eight ‘naturally modern’ guest suites and pool villas, each showcasing its own distinctive design while embodying the simplicity and elegance of the estate’s graceful surrounds.

The backdrop: Desert Palm polo estate, showcasing four championship polo fields, a riding school, stables, rare birds, endless sunshine and vast green landscapes.