How To: Entertain Friends at Home.

January 24

What I Wore: Skirt by ALC from Heels from Geox

There’s nothing more special than entertaining at home. Getting it from my mother, it’s something I like doing every now and then. On whatever scale you’re doing it, you still have to think of the evening as an event – organising everything from the entertainment, food, drinks, seating structure and staff/help. As Okku have recently launched their ‘at home’ concept, where they customize your night (from sake pairings, cocktail masterclass, to Okku’s DJ at home), I had to try it out with my closest friends.


In partnership with Okku, I invited friends over trying out the OKKU@Home concept. To give you a brief on the idea – it’s an exceptional (and I mean exceptional…) catering service that is brought by Dubai’s top Japanese restaurant and lounge, Okku. In short, Okku’s experience at the comfort of your own home. Okku’s team make it the award winning restaurant and lounge it is. With the notion, the event is customised to fit your needs whether you want a large scale event, a party on a boat or something like mine, an intimate dinner with my closest friends at home. They can do anything from a full fledged party featuring Okku’s DJ, sake tasting, to a wine pairing dinner.


My bespoke concept included a welcome champagne reception, a cocktail masterclass given by the master bartender at Okku, John taught my friends how to make four cocktails from a Cosmopolitan to a Mojito, whilst building up the energy of the night by adding interactivity and bringing some friends up to make the cocktail. After two hours of cocktail making, we all took an Okku Certificate awarding us for the art of Mixology. This was then followed by a sit down dinner featuring Starters, large plates, sushi and dessert alongside wine. I sat down with the Okku team to create a bespoke menu for the night featuring their famous Wagyu Foie Gras, Black cod, Scallops, Spicy Tune and Truffled fried rice.


The best part of the experience was the smoothness of the evening – the whole team made sure I also had a fun night with my friends rather than worrying on making sure everything was running smoothly, and that the guests were constantly occupied. Special, special evening.


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