5 minutes with… Khloe Kardashian

January 7
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Khloe Kardashian was recently in Dubai to promote her collection at Lipsy and Iconic. I had the opportunity to sit down the hilarious & gorgeous Kardashian to talk about her collection, her style and what makes her feel glam.

Kardashian Kollection is available at Lipsy stores and Iconic in the region.


Hi Khloe! what is it about Lipsy that made you want to partner up with them?

Lipsy was always a place known for fashion, glamorous dresses – we were able to have our individual style, but still with a fabulous quality of fabric and very affordable prices. That means a lot to us. We thought of our fans so we fought for decent prices.


What are your favourite 3 pieces from the collection? 

I love the lace jumpsuit – really chic and effortless. I think it is very romantic and feminine. I love the feather bomber jacket, which I wore the other day in London – You can wear it a million different ways… either with leather pants or jeans to rock it a little bit. I LOVE that dress you are wearing (I was wearing a white leather dress from the Kardashian Kollection); I wore it in black too.


How would you define your style?

I think sexy, but still edgy. I like to stand out and I like to buy pieces that are really sexy, like fabulous leather pieces….I don’t know….. I am jetlagged so nothing I say makes sense anymore! (Khloe was in LA and London before Dubai, and was heading to Australia a few hours later)


Did you think of Dubai whilst designing the collection?

Well, that is one of the exciting factors. In the States we cannot put as much glitter as we would like & here we will be able to glitter it out! I love that about Dubai, and I love that about the woman here. They are confident to wear glitter and you have to be confident to wear sparkles on sparkles, and we just don’t care with my sisters. We love it all. The more the glamour, the better; and here we are able to embrace that.


You come from a family of five sisters, Who do you relate to, style wise?

You know, fashion and style are totally personal. So what I may choose may not be what you would like. But Kylie, well, she is the youngest but her style is really evolving. I give her my credit card and ask her to go shopping for myself and be my stylist. She dresses herself so nicely but she may have learnt from our mistakes.


What is the collection inspired by?

Well, the signature collection is lace. It is a holiday collection, very romantic. It is inspired by the female body, the women’s curves. It is a very lacy, romantic collection.


What are your tips for feeling and looking glam?

Always wear spanx underneath. Not to try to make yourself look thinner, It is just about smoothing you out. Also, it depends where I am going but a good pair of sunglasses can make me feel glam. It depends on the occasion.


If you had to choose one designer to work with?

Maybe Karl Lagerfeld. He is so iconic.


What is the piece you always pack when you travel?

Jeans. I love jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down. And you can wear the same pair five days in a row, it does not matter!


How does it feel to be in the Middle East?

I love it here but I can only stay for twelve hours, so I will definitely have to come back and explore. Kim had given me a list of things to do but I cannot go to all these places. Everything seems to be so extravagant and glamorous. So I will have to come back, especially with my family. I want my little sister and little brother to be able to see that.


Which celebrity do you want to see wearing this collection?

I love Jennifer Lopez. I can see her in the lace jump suit. She does a jumpsuit justice.


If you had to choose between buying shoes or bags during the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Shoes. Always been a shoe girl. No matter what.