Treatments to try in November.

December 5

Get the Ultimate Skin treatments… with Rebecca Treston at Euromed.

Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic in Dubai is the secret behind why I love my skin. Everytime I come in for a treatment, my skin glows for a whole month. Personally, I’m.a huge fan of Spectra laser with Rebecca Treston. It helps skin pigmentation, whiteheads, blackheads and shrinking pores. It also has an added positive side effect – bleaches all the baby hairs! I came in for an appointment with Rebecca and asked her to suggest my next treatment, which she recommended a combo of Radio frequency and Magic Hands. Radio Frequency is something Rebecca recommends for women in their 30s but did the treatment on a smaller scale to lift and tighten up my skin to give it a fresh boost. After applying the conductor gel on the skin, the treatment works the collagen. Right after that I went for a 30 minute session of Magic hands which many of her clients swear by, and is perfect for any age – especially women in their 20s. The treatment is made to work with the muscles, in order to lift, contour, and shape the face – as well as a preventative for ageing. The procedure starts with a gel applied on the face, followed by electro-gloves massaging the face which tightens and lifts the skin as well as exfoliates. It felt like a mini pampering treatment (except for the metal taste in your mouth!). A great muscle therapy, which helps circulation and oxygenates the skin. The treatment ends with Vitamin C post treatment. My skin definitely felt tighter, brighter and super soft (thanks to the exfoliation.) For more details on Rebecca, click here

Get a chic nail art… at The DollHouse Salon. 

I love Nail Art. You can get so many different designs depending on your mood and it always ends up giving you character and adds fun to your full look. When I was in London, I’d go to WAH nails for nail art and thought about which salon would be our equivalent in Dubai. That would have to be Dollhouse at Dubai Ladies Club, which was started up by the amazing, Mona Kattan. The salon has a Nail Art library for you to choose from – there is everything from chic and subtle to ones that are loud and fun. I must say they also give great manicures… For more, click here

Get a Classic Traditional Balinese Massage… at Softouch Spa, Kempinski Hotel

I have tried spas across the world and I usually leave with a really good, good, or just whatever kind of treatment. It has been a long time since I’ve left thinking it was just plain amazing. This one was. I recently came down for a classic traditional Balinese massage at Kempinski Hotel’s spa, Softouch. They were such a pleasure to deal with and even called to notify me that there was construction close by – I didn’t hear anything at the spa. This one was slightly different to the other Far Eastern inspired ones I’ve seen. This is Indian themed – soft Indian music upon entry, Indian therapists, and even an Indian technique video shown at reception. Once I arrived, I was offered tea – filled in my consultation form and headed to the beautiful Indian inspired room with rose petals placed on the bed. One thing I loved about the spa is that I was given underwear, a bra, hair tie, slippers and a bell to call my therapist once I was changed – super practical, wish more spas did this. The massage was a strong pressured head to toe massage which included reflexology, head and a face massage. Hands down, one of the best massages I’ve done. My therapist is one to ask for… For more, click here

Highly Recommended Therapist: Deepa

Give your hair a lift… with an anti-ageing hair treatment at Maison de Joelle.

I must start by saying I had the pleasure to recently work with Joelle on a campaign, who has to be one of the most inspirational Middle Eastern Women. Not only does she have a highly successful show, she owns her own branch of salons, her own line of haircare, a make up artist & ambassador, opening a clinic and is also a mommy – I’m sure I’m missing other things too! I love giving my hair treatments at least once a month due to the heat outdoors, the AC indoors, the hair styling I have to do for work. I recently popped over to Joelle’s salon and got one of their most popular treatments done – the anti-ageing hair treatment from Paris. After washing my hair, the treatment was applied before being put under the heat for 15 minutes, and washed out. My hair felt so soft – which made it harder to curl – as well as shiny and gives your hair that pick-me-up lift effect. The salons are around Dubai, but I got this one down at the Kempinski Hotel, MOE branch. For more, click here

Soothe your muscles… with a Lava Sea Shell Massage at Talise, Madinat Jumeirah

When choosing a massage, you are often given a dilemma whether you should go for something more relaxing or one that helps your body. The Lava Sea Shell massage does both. A 60 minute massage, Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah have reintroduced it and it’s perfect for when the weather cools down and the holiday season has arrived (a gift idea!) I was given a choice of three massage oils to be used with the hot sea shells – I went with a Soothing oil, made out of lemons (super fresh.) The treatment uses several massage techniques using the sea shells which have seaweed and an activation gel put inside to make them hot. They are quite hot, but you soon get used to it and start enjoying the heat as it helps stimulate and melt down your muscle stiffness. For more, click here


Get an all natural, yet effective facial… at Elche Natural Beauty Retreat.

Not sure how I haven’t heard about Elche Natural Beauty Retreat, a Hungarian salon that has been in Jumeirah for several years now. Everyone at the salon has been trained and are Hungarian, they all use natural products that are fridged to keep fresh. As soon as I entered the cosy villa, which feels like a home – I filled out a consultation form before having my skin observed for my future. I got the Elche No. 1 deep cleansing facial (which takes approx 2 hours), Each facial is different depending on your skin. The treatment started with an Apple & Lemon cleansing milk to remove impurities, and make up. This was then followed with a Peeling for 20 minutes, an AHA Fruit pulp treatment with paprika mask on the top to remove the dead skin layer from the skin, it stings the skin so a Rose Hip serum is applied after to soothe it. Using the steamer and relaxing massage, the pores were then opened for the hand extraction. As the pores were opened, a high frequency machine is used to close the pores followed by the Apple & Lemon toner for pore tightening, and a deep hydrating machine was used to push the active ingredients into the deeper layer of the skin. Followed by Flavonoid Extra Mask (contains dark berries with antioxidants), Rose Petal Gel Mask (it is for water deficient skin, it has hydrating, regenerating effect with rose oil and rose petal) and Grape Stem Cells gel Mask (it has toning, skin renewal effect, also stimulates cell-renewal because of the grape stem cell). It ended with a Vitamin C Tomato mask, eye cream and cinnamon lip balm. For more, click here

My skin felt like a baby post facial… If you’re looking for a great deep cleanse facial, this is it.

Recommended therapist: Andi


Get a massage… using Golf Balls at The Address Hotel Downtown.

Never even knew this existed but Natura Bisse have launched a massage using golf balls called QuiroGolf! The Address Downtown’s spa is lovely – as soon as you enter and fill up your consultation form, you also et given a music menu to choose your type of music for the treatment (you can also give them your iPod if you prefer your own music.) The QuiroGolf is a deep massage performed by real Golf Balls to relax, warm the muscles, give a therapeutic massage as well as improve flexibility. Using Natura Bisse products, this treatment is not a fad, I actually left completely relaxed as I was to leave a Swedish or Balinese massage except that the balls were super useful for achieving the deepness of the massage. PS the Spa also has one of the best Spa toilets around – straightener, scale and Dental kits to name a few. For more, click here

Recommended therapist: Sri