5 minutes with… Make up Guru & Haifa Wehbe's Make up Artist, Bassam Fattouh.

December 6
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I recently interviewed one of the biggest names in Beauty here in the Middle East – Mr Bassam Fattouh. Not only is Bassam on speed dial to the most prominent celebrities in the Arab world, he also has own make up line with an international fan base. Personally, I find Bassam’s make up line one of the best internationally – it definitely leads up with names like MAC and Make up for Ever.  Whilst Bassam was in Dubai, I headed to his hotel for a quick chat on Dubai, beauty, his career as well as tips for women in the region.


How does it feel to be in Dubai?

It feels good… Love how you brought your coffee from Starbucks.


Addict… You come here often?

I do, I love this city. It’s very energetic.


You need to be partly based in Dubai now…

*laughs* yes… I love Beirut though!


How did you get into beauty?

Well, that was a long time ago. I’ve always loved art, painting, everything that has to do with Beauty & Fashion. When you’re young, you don’t really know what you want. I was just driven by make up, so I went to Beauty school. That’s how I really started…


What has been your career highlight?

Starting my brand. It’s a dream come true… I’ve always wanted my own brand. The way to be become international is to have your own brand. Being International is to enter the global market. It’s not about traveling to the States one day & Beirut the other…


What advice would you give aspiring Make up artists?

Just follow your heart and be devoted. Have inspiration, but never follow. It’s all about trial and error. You can never literally LEARN art.


What are 3 make up products women should always own?

Lipstick – It’s like a face lift, The Kajal (kohl), and a blush.


What mistakes do you see most women not doing/doing wrong?

Blending, blending, blending! Eyes, everywhere.


Anything else?

Foundation colour, but the region is getting better at it. Choose your right colour, or you can end up looking grey. If you have olive skin, never go for a pink undertone – go for a yellow/peach one.


How important is good skin?

VERY important. You need to have good skin to have good make up. People here spend more on their make up than skincare, but people tend to forget how important is skincare.


What advice can you give?

Everyone’s skin is different but never sleep with make up and use protection.


What tips can you give people with dark circles?

Sadly, they are usually hereditary. Try to see a dermatologist to try treating it. If not, just go for a really good undertone. Apply the concealer on the arch, not close to the eyelids or you will end up with a shrinked eye. For the colour, go for the same skin tone – never lighter… Sometimes a bit darker. If you like the brightened look, add an illuminator after.


What about tips on how to avoid shiny skin?

Primer before the foundation. Cushion light primer by Bassam Fattouh is great as it absorbs the sebum before applying. Use a loose powder, and never a compact powder.


Thank you Bassam!!