Recommendations: Laser hair removal in Dubai.

December 10

When looking for great laser, its all about bearable pain and great results. 98 percent of the lasers I’ve tried haven’t won for me so I’m always on the hunt. I recently went around Dubai, and checked out the best in Laser Hair Removal. If there’s something you’re on the hunt for, suggest it in the comment box below and that might be my next round up.


What? Laser treatments at Silkor.

Where? Silkor’s branch on Jumeirah beach road

The Laser type: Their signature laser is Diode and they also have Q Switch laser Medlite treatment that they launched one year ago is perfect for the thin hairs on the face and around the body to avoid turning it into coarse hair. (Bleaches hair then falls down)

Pain factor: The laser is probably the most painful laser I’ve ever tried but it’s also the laser I’ve seen the best results from. The Q Switch laser felt like a light rubber band, I was answering emails whilst getting that done.

Consultation or follow up? I came in for a consultation to check the area in advance, and got a follow up for both lasers two weeks later.

Results: Hands down, the winning results. Painful, but effective.

Price: Underarms AED600, Bikini line from AED800-AED1200

Extras: The women are super helpful, but book in advance as they fill up fast!


What? Soprano laser at Dermalase Clinic

Where? Jumeirah beach road

The Laser type: Soprano Diode laser

Pain factor: 3/10 – you feel the heat, but for the effect of the Diode – practically painless.

Consultation or follow up? No, they say the Soprano reaches all the follicles so they don’t have

Results: I was so happy with the results, and will have to come back.

Price: Underarms: AED500 and Bikini Line: AED700


What? Lightsheer laser at Eternel Med Spa

Where? Beach Road right next to Dermalase.

The Laser type: Lightsheer, which is a kind of Diode.

Pain factor: They now have a new machine modification with a larger handle so quicker, which makes it less painful. It is painful, but bearable – a sucking sensation.

Consultation or follow up? No.

Results: Every 6-8 weeks and hair decreases by 10 percent each treatment.

Price: AED500 for Underarms, AED1000 bikini


What? Laser Hair removal at Kaya Skin clinic.

Where? They have a few branches, I visited the Town Centre one.

The Laser type: Nd: YAG laser

Pain factor: 2/10 – less painful than most of the lasers I’ve done.

Consultation or follow up? The treatment starts off with a doctor consultation to access skin and hair for the right energy power. You are then given a white robe to wear in order to not mess up clothes and a more comfortable experience.

Results: No results at all in the beginning so be patient. I slightly saw results a few weeks later. Kaya said I need a minimum of 7 to see results, but I’m not willing to take a chance of paying for 7 sessions to see if the laser really works or not…

Price: Underarms – AED600 and Bikini – AED800