Recommendations: Laser hair removal in Dubai.

December 10

When looking for great laser, its all about bearable pain and great results. 98 percent of the lasers I’ve tried haven’t won for me so I’m always on the hunt. I recently went around Dubai, and checked out the best in Laser Hair Removal. If there’s something you’re on the hunt for, suggest it in the comment box below and that might be my next round up.


What? Laser treatments at Silkor.

Where? Silkor’s branch on Jumeirah beach road

The Laser type: Their signature laser is Diode and they also have Q Switch laser Medlite treatment that they launched one year ago is perfect for the thin hairs on the face and around the body to avoid turning it into coarse hair. (Bleaches hair then falls down)

Pain factor: The laser is probably the most painful laser I’ve ever tried but it’s also the laser I’ve seen the best results from. The Q Switch laser felt like a light rubber band, I was answering emails whilst getting that done.

Consultation or follow up? I came in for a consultation to check the area in advance, and got a follow up for both lasers two weeks later.

Results: Hands down, the winning results. Painful, but effective.

Price: Underarms AED600, Bikini line from AED800-AED1200

Extras: The women are super helpful, but book in advance as they fill up fast!


What? Soprano laser at Dermalase Clinic

Where? Jumeirah beach road

The Laser type: Soprano Diode laser

Pain factor: 3/10 – you feel the heat, but for the effect of the Diode – practically painless.

Consultation or follow up? No, they say the Soprano reaches all the follicles so they don’t have

Results: I was so happy with the results, and will have to come back.

Price: Underarms: AED500 and Bikini Line: AED700


What? Lightsheer laser at Eternel Med Spa

Where? Beach Road right next to Dermalase.

The Laser type: Lightsheer, which is a kind of Diode.

Pain factor: They now have a new machine modification with a larger handle so quicker, which makes it less painful. It is painful, but bearable – a sucking sensation.

Consultation or follow up? No.

Results: Every 6-8 weeks and hair decreases by 10 percent each treatment.

Price: AED500 for Underarms, AED1000 bikini


What? Laser Hair removal at Kaya Skin clinic.

Where? They have a few branches, I visited the Town Centre one.

The Laser type: Nd: YAG laser

Pain factor: 2/10 – less painful than most of the lasers I’ve done.

Consultation or follow up? The treatment starts off with a doctor consultation to access skin and hair for the right energy power. You are then given a white robe to wear in order to not mess up clothes and a more comfortable experience.

Results: No results at all in the beginning so be patient. I slightly saw results a few weeks later. Kaya said I need a minimum of 7 to see results, but I’m not willing to take a chance of paying for 7 sessions to see if the laser really works or not…

Price: Underarms – AED600 and Bikini – AED800

  • Nella

    Did u try it? Does it REALLYYY works!?

  • Ala’a

    Hi Tala. Can you review Dermaline Clinic.. also Jumeirah beach road.. I’m currently having Carboxy treatment and considering full body laser since they have a package.. Many thanks

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Now, women as well as men of Dubai are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past. Thanks to the laser technology, permanent hair removal is now a synonym of laser hair removal in Dubai.

  • Colaz

    Laser hair removal is now very popular among people. Even men are also doing laser hair removal. Nowadays laser treatment is in very affordable price. Its safe and can do everywhere of the body.

  • john much is the chest area?

    • Colaz

      chest are is around £85-100

  • Ellie

    How much does a package usually cost? (Bikini, Arms, Under Arms, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Legs). Also are there any recommendations for any other good affordable places but also effective? Don’t mind if it’s in Sharjah I guess I can always travel there. Thanks!

    • Dalia

      Hi Ellie,

      I recommend you to visit Medical Arts Clinic, they have special packages during the morning time and I have tried it and very impressed with the results.

  • farhad

    How much does a package usually cost? (Bikini, Arms, Under Arms, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Legs). Also are there any recommendations for any other good affordable places but also effective? Don’t mind if it’s in Sharjah I guess I can always travel there. Thanks!

  • farhad

    How much does a package usually cost? (Bikini, Arms, Under Arms, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Legs). Also are there any recommendations for any other good affordable places thanks

  • Mev

    how is vlcc for laser hair removal???

  • Dalia

    Hi, I wanted to share my experience with laser hair removal, Ive tried many clinics arround Dubai and unfortunately I was always looking for the less price, I have done more than 20 sessions for my full body with Bioliteskin clinic in Jumeirah and previously I was doing in Silkor, what I have discovered is that they are using an IPL laser machine which is not effective on the long term and it takes a lot of sessions thats one reason why its cheap, while made my research on the net the best laser that works is the Gentle lase with pulses.
    I have visited a new Clinic in Jumeirah road called, Medical Arts Clinic and was impressed by how beautiful is the clinic and the staff was very welcoming and professional, they have the gentle lase system, and their prices are very affordable, Ive finished my 6th session yesterday and the hair is almost gone, now its taking 3 to 4 month for the hair to grow a bit.

    Hope that will help others here.

  • adebimpe

    hi…am in dubai now and i will like to do a laser hair remove i just want it to be donne on my beard AM havig hair on my jaw like a man pls tell me wr i can get it done in dubai and d cost price.thanks waiting for a reply soon

  • Dermology Natural Skin Care

    Forget about expensive and painful laser hair removal. Dermology offers a low cost painless hair removal cream. Try it today

  • Dalia

    This is pure marketing for Kaya skin, there are more better Clinics in Dubai, one of them is Medical Arts Clinic, they are very professional, not like others who just want to take as much money as they can from you, I highly recommend this Clinic, they are in Jumeirah opposite Jumeirah Beach hotel

  • angel

    Usually the cost of Laser Hair removal is very expensive and it has reached high level of competitions among clinics.
    If you are interested, for average cost, effective wise using Alexandrite Gentle Lase plus laser, feel free to visit Medical Arts Clinic opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel.
    During the morning rate Underarm is only 300 dhs per session, Bikini is 500 dhs only. They have reduced their prices from 30-50%.
    Not sure yet, but I heard that they will also offer the same rate this ramadan regardless of time schedule for their new clients.

    • marie

      My friend introduced me to Medical Arts Clinic. First i was afraid coz they say laser is painful however the staff made me comfortable with the treatment asking me every now and then if I’m ok. the result was good in my first session in my underarm. I’m not shaving much now and I’m planning to do it in my bikini. I also tried their hydrafacial treatment since it was also in promo this June for 350dhs only and the original price was 700dhs. So far it was the best facial treatment i had and i love the result giving me the glow that last for days and don’t have any downtime. They also have this O2 lift and maybe I’ll try it too.

  • angel

    i did bikini underarm full arms full legs face and neck for 1800,
    if you want to add more areas then they will charge u accordingly. the promo started last may and will end up after ramadan 🙁
    this is their number 04-3806063, most of their clients are referred patients. that means they were trusted and professionals.

    • Jason

      I just did my full back yesterday with medical arts clinic, I was satisfied with the treatment and the staff was professional and knowledgeable about all my inquiries, addition to that their prices are very competitive comparing to other clinics in Dubai,highly recommended.

  • usman khalid

    thank to share this informative post now laser skin care clinic also provide the best treatment of Laser hair removal dubai here you can get the solution of your all skin problems and we also provide the best UAE treatments with low cost.

  • maha

    Hello Tala. I checked your reviews and since youre a well known blogger decided to go with the treatment at dermalase clinic for my daughter. she ended up getting severe infection in hair follicles and now her face is full of acne. obviously this isnt your fault but just incase anyone decides to visit the clinic Dr. Natasha did her treatment and didnt guide us properly. she didnt stop us after the first treatment and after the third treatment asked us to do tests which came clear and then told us the reports are wrong! just incase anyone decides to go there this review might be helpful to them.

    • Tala Samman

      Hi Maha, I’m sorry to hear that. Finding a laser that works for your skin is crucial. I’ve had burns in the past, I suggest you always ask for a test patch.

    • suhair

      i have to agree with this review. I’ve had a terrible service at Dermalease (Based on the recommendation of another blogger (NOT Tala) and Dr. Natasha was very unprofessional when i complained. Never went back. Life is too short and there are plenty of Clinics in Dubai… this is the reason why i highly encourage people to follow Tala’s advice. I feel other bloggers just do it for the publicity (+ other things) but Tala is not this.

  • Soumya Sodhi

    The staff of Kaya skin clinic is biased towards their own interest. Staff gets a commission based on what service they sell, so instead of serving your interest they will serve their own interest. That is why instead of giving me a package for ND Yag Laser they gave me a package for Painfree hair removal laser for full body – as it is costly package so they get more commission. Painfree hair removal laser led to growth of hard, dark hair on those areas which had fine hair. On complaining they told me it is a side effect of Painfree laser. And they shifted me to ND Yag. I had some reduction but not much. The hair growth is still there and the worst part is on areas which had little to no growth at all :(. I signed up for: 6 sittings of Painfree laser Skin type: Fair Final Result: Only 20% or so overall reduction in areas which had dark hair. Uncontrollable dark hair growth on front, back and shoulders where I had no growth (very fine hair). Status: I complained to Kaya care and they have accepted their fault but refused to do anything about the case. They told me that the person who sold the package has left Kaya so they cannot do anything about it now. But on enquiring I got to know that the girl is still working with Kaya. So basically they never really enquired. Also they tried to compensate me by giving few sittings for face for free. But I refused to accept it. If you want to go for Laser, do not go to kaya. Instead go to some place where a qualified doctor or a qualified technician (in the presence of doctor) will do the procedure. While I took my sittings at kaya doctor was not consulted even once in 6 sittings. On enquiring they said doctor only does those procedures for which she gets money like for dermaroller. So stay away from such big names who have no concern for your time and money.

    • ayahk

      So do u really not recommend Kaya? Actually I am planning to do laser hair removal and a bit worried. but they introduced me to new machine with less hair and i didnt make up my mind yet..

  • Nada

    Are these prices per session or all together? In total, how much did you have to pay for your underarms and bikini all together?

  • Kaya Skin Clinic Arabic

    Dear Soumya Sodhi, may we kindly know you if you’ve been to one of Kaya Skin Clinic’s India branches? or have you been to Kaya here in the Middle East?

    Kaya Skin Clinic – Arabia, is a responsible organization which provides safe and efficacious skin care solutions to its clients. We are one of the leading chains of cosmetic
    dermatology clinics and have a huge client base of over 150,000 satisfied
    customers across the region. As an ethical brand we are always open to client’s
    feedback and it is our policy to attend to any genuine grievances and resolve
    them at the earliest. In case you have been to one of the branches in the UAE, Saudi or Oman, we request you to please share your contact details at so that we can address your concern personally and resolve it. However if you have been to one of the branches in India, please send us your details and we shall forward it to them.

    We look forward to hearing
    from you.

    Warm Regards,
    Kaya Skin Clinic Arabia

  • Mani

    Hi Ladies
    I wanted to share my experience about one of the clinics in jumeirah beach road as well. I’m obsessed about beauty and aesthetic services and i almost try all type of treatments in most of the medical centers .
    I was so happy with the last one and I’ll continue with them for ever i believe.
    its called 515 Medical Center in jumeirah beach road, their staff are so friendly and professional and expert, and their machines are the latest machines in the market. almost 6 type of different lasers for all kind of hair and skin.
    their prices are unbelievably affordable .
    and this is their number 0564556974

  • James

    LASER HAIR REMOVAL for MEN and WOMEN at NADIA MEDICAL CENTER call us 02 410 8600 / 02 410 8603 / 02 410 8604

    • Tarun Sharma

      Know Tell Me U Cost Hair Removal Mens Body

      • Tarun Sharma

        N Location

  • Nayab Afra

    Now a day Most of the people prefer the laser treatment because its work very quickly and you can get rid of your unwanted hairs More over we also provide the best offer’s of Laser hair removal in Dubai

  • Nicole Williams

    Laser Hair Removal is indeed very important! It’s also not bad to treat our self once in a while. I went to Marina Medical Centre and had the best experience so far!

  • preetikumar

    I have to agree with what you have posted here. Laser hair removal is a nice treatment. There is a very nice Laser Hair Removal at Marina Medical Centre. Its very effective and it lessen the growth of the hair by 28%.So nice!

  • Mona Alzahabi

    I really love reading reviews especially successful and honest reviews by satisfied clients. At Marina Medical Centre, I had a very satisfying experience with them. The pain is very tolerable and the technicians are really nice and friendly aside from being very well trained.

  • Ashwaq Hilal

    when it comes to cosmetic treatments i always choose dubai. they got nice people and advanced facilties, like Marina Medical Centre. you must try their laser hair removal! it was really fantastic.

    • asieh k

      hi Ashwaq, can you email me with their contact number and if they have any offers? easy to find the center? if you could email me thanks x

  • Mehrum Khan

    I have been to Dubai’s branch of Kaya Skin Clinic for Q Switch Laser treatment. In my point of view the experience was quite good, as the process was not very painful. I thank the customer care executive because she took care of mine as this was something I was doing for the first time.

  • Amna Qadeer

    INFORMATIVE POSTS: Laser tattoo removal in Abu Dhabi & Dubai allows you to get rid of tattoos you no longer want to have. Laser is the most effective and least bothersome of all.
    Laser Tattoo Removel in Dubai

  • Allene verma

    I have been to Dubai’s branch of Kaya Skin Clinic for Q Switch Laser treatment. In my point of view the experience was quite good, as the process was not very painful.Their service too was very comfortable because I was undergoing it for the very first time. Thanks to the staff present there!!

  • Jig Videos

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  • Yumi Nanya

    I’ve done my laser treatments at Royal European Clinic at J3 Mall. Their laser were almost painless and the results were great! ❤️

  • Gauhar

    Kaya Skin Clinic has the best Q switch laser treatment. I have used it once and was happy with the service. Recommended!

  • arooj

    what about dna health pro for laser treatment??
    i did it but no result… so plz tell me about this clinic?

  • Rabin Karki

    Hi.. I’m man I want full body laser hair hair remove so please tel me how many cost for this..?

  • anna mathew

    Attention and Caution to all looking to receive any treatment at OCP medical center Dubai- this “medical facility” provides laser treatment that is highly dangerous to your skin! I am a victim of this service – my skin has first degree burns thanks to under qualified staff who ran my session. They are clearly not trained to run complex procedures. The in house doctor/ specialist is under qualified and could not assist with any remedy. In fact blamed me to have a sensitive skin and asked me to go another Doctor.DO NOT go here for any treatment! It’s very risky not worth the side effects.

    • Marium Bano

      Thanks for the headsup

  • malika iman

    FUE hair transplant in Dubai is one of the perfect and permanent result treatment. Even it doesn’t have any side effect and it does not left any scars on the scalp.

  • skn cosmetics

    informative article but now a Skn Cosmetics Brand start our New Branch on your City Dubai we provide the Best Treatments Surgical and Non surgical Such As Laser Hair Removal , Hair Transplant , Skin Whitening Dubai , etc

  • Emma Lauren

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    The amazing package is for Full Body Laser Hair Removal for only $11,99! (No Hidden charges included)*.

    And the best thing is that they give you a full consultation before touching a thing and tell you exactly how much it is going to cost before you begin. It cost me minimal. You can also check out Laser Hair Removal in Houston. It’s a package they’re offering Full Body laser hair removal for only $ 11,99 (No hidden Charges).
    Consultant these guys today for quality services in minimal rates.
    Check out their site for more packages & services that are on offer:

    Hope this helps.
    Cheers Girls.

  • Hifza Nauman

    More and more people are taking the plunge into laser hair removal these days. People get motivated when they see someone’s soft skin due to the laser treatment. The women are more conscious about the skin than the men. A younger looking skin that is smooth as well is what women crave for. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the Laser Hair Removal Abu Dhabi which is a painless method of delivering the smooth skin without hair.

  • maryam abdalla

    ladies and gentleman, me and my husband are doing laser hair removal with 515 clinic. unbelievably within 3 sessions all the hair gone. it has been 6 months now that not me and not even my husband saw any hair in our body. supper happy and i recommend them to every single person.

  • nagem clinic


    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I also want to share my thoughts on Laser Hair Removal in Dubai.

    LASER HAIR REMOVAL is a medical procedure that remove the hair using a laser intense pulsating beam of light to remove unwanted hair. The light then targets the roots of the hair and kill it.

  • Ashly

    A very well versed article and almost described every aspect of laser and skin care treatment. There are very few clinics that provide low cast skin services

  • Pixelbyme

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  • tomprabhu

    Amazing article on skin conditions and hair removal. Keep up the good work folks