My 'Mouvement Feminin' Parisian Diary with Hermes.

November 29

With Pierre Hardy, Accessories & Jewelry designer at Hermes


I recently flew out to Paris with Hermes for their Womens in Universe event #mouvementfeminin for a short but packed trip. Due to an unfortunate technical difficulty with Air France, I missed a few of the experiences planned but still made it in time for the event. We stayed at the cute hotel, Hyatt Madeleine – which was close enough for a stop of coffee and Almond croissant during the day (tres parisienne!). This was Hermes’s largest event this year, and took place at the Ecole Militaire (a top Military school in Paris). The venue was turned into an exhibition of the Spring/Summer ’14 collections which displayed the Hermes Women’s universe from the silks, shoes, silver jewellery, swimwear, Jour d’Hermès perfume, leather, to the the RTW fashion show. Directed by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Women’s Universe at Hermès and scenographer Antoine Platteau to bring the brand’s objects to life within scenes and performances like the Double dutch and dancers from the Paris Lido exhibit. Attended by top clients, the Hermes family and Journalists from around the world, the venue and ambience was just perfect and dreamy.


The event displayed how the brand, Hermes take things lightly with Models in Spring/Summer ’14 looks playing games with Double Dutch champions, posed for sketch artists and just danced along to the music all whilst looking chic in Hermes’ collection. We were able to walk into the different rooms with different concepts whilst having a cocktail or glass of champagne with gourmet food from truffle risotto to steak, followed by a fashion show, which was a recreation of their last one during Paris Fashion Week and ended with a full on party. I also got to meet the super sweet and talented, Pierre Hardy – the Accessories & Jewelry designer at Hermes!


On the next day, we visited the Hermes Flagship store in Paris, situated in Saint-Germain, which opened in November 2010, and previously used to be a swimming pool in the 30’s and was then transformed into a store by Architect, Denis Montel. The store also has a restaurant within the store that’s called ‘Le Plongeoir Chez Hermes’. When you are next in Paris, this is definitely one to visit – it was an experience, felt like I was in an art gallery. They also had the petit h collection on display in store, which is a capsule collection of items made out of fabrics and resources that were remaining from the main collections.


Thank you for having me Hermes, enjoy the Visual diary above.

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