My Beauty Routine by Model, illustrator and film-maker, Quentin Jones.

August 1

Photo by Scott Trindle


This week, we have the beautiful & talented Model, illustrator and film-maker, Quentin Jones. Quentin shares her beauty routine, her love for Nars skincare, and how she keeps fit in the big apple!


-Beauty products I swear by:

I love moisture masks, to slather on before bed or re-hydrate my skin after a day in the sun or in air conditioning. My current favourite is Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Mask. They also do a great eye cream to help disguise late nights.  I get terrible dark circles under my eyes and am only just learning to take eye creams seriously. For cleansing I just use a bar of cetaphil.


-My Beauty Routine… depends on my day.  Every morning I clean my face and moisturize, I don’t tend to wear any makeup until the evenings, and then only if I am socializing. In the winter I wear more makeup, and in the summer I am likely just to go for a bit of eye liner, or really bright lipsticks.


-What’s in my make up bag:

I am obsessed with all my makeup having nice packaging- particularly lipsticks because you take them out with you, and they can make your purse seem prettier if they are cool. I think Nars wins again- the graphic black packaging with the ultra-thin white font is so great, and the pigment in their lipsticks is unbeatable. I like lip colour bold and flat. I am currently wearing Heat Wave a lot. For summer I might start playing with hot pink shades.


-Vitamin supplements I take:

I am bad and forget, but as soon as I feel run down I remember to take vitamin C


-Perfect detox juice mix:

I love so many different juices- I live next to Integral Yoga in the West Village, and go in daily for various juices. I love beetroot, apple, and carrot. Is that detoxifying? I also love their Breakfast Boost which has flax seed, hemp oil, pineapple.. and some other things! It keep you full all morning so makes you not snack on junk too.


-Favorite healthy dish:

I generally eat pretty healthily- if I am working from home it is always avocado, garlic and chilli crushed on rye. If I am eating out I will often get fish and green veg.  I try to avoid white breads, processed foods, and red meat in the evening.


-Fitness routine:

I cycle everywhere but in Manhattan I am never that far from where I need to go, so I also will go running along the West side track in the mornings or early evenings. I do yoga at Laughing Lotus twice a week too- I think it is really important for me to stratch out my limbs because they are so long and get quite stiff. Yoga also helps me relax a bit which is good for my overall health I think.


-Skin & Body treatments:

I am pretty minimalist when it comes to my body- I just wash with water, maybe a bit of Cetaphil, and then moisturize if my legs or arms are dry.


-Hair Miracle

I love Moroccan Hair oil- I rub it into my hands then my hair, and both smell great after.