My KCal Wellness Diary: Week One.

April 28
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Arrival of the food packed in chiller bags!

Stir fly beef buritto & Greens

Chicken Couscous salad

Egg White omelette and watermelon

Chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert

Quinoa salad & Beef Teriyaki

As much as I love to workout, I’m not the best eater and as you know, 80% of your body is made in the kitchen. As much as I enjoy eating healthy food, I love eating, enjoy snacking and live for sugar. I was recently approached by KCal to try out their delivery program for one month, and keep a weekly diary on my journey. With summer right around the corner, I jumped at the chance. Kcal have 3 different options – Weight Loss, Wellness, and Athletic programs. I went with weight maintenance, as I’m hoping for a healthier approach, and a tighter body for the summer bikinis!

Kcal encourage a blood test and a nutritionist appointment before the program and being a wuss, I asked them to scratch that. Once registering online, got introduced to my account manager, Sylvia and received my meal plan – I was excited… Healthier effortless eating as it’ll be ready in my fridge, and intrigued if I was going to feel a difference. Having said that, I was dreading to cut out Caramel frappucinos & turtle mochas and the days that I had to get out for lunch meetings and dinners with friends. So, myfashladies… the challenge begins.


The Food:
The food was great – it was all about the portions. I had everything from scrambled eggs with fruits for breakfast, Beef tortillas and salad for lunch, and whole wheat pasta for dinner.


Sugar was no problem:
I thought I would start craving sweets and sugar but nope… I would have never thought Hazelnut and prune cookies would taste good – soft, fudgy and delicious. The Banana Sushi, which I used to order from Kcal also came as a snack dipped in chocolate sauce (YUM), and the pineapple & ginger bar was refreshing, and great to push my sugar levels up when my energy was low. They are very generous with snacks, I also loved how I had a small bag of nuts every day – made it super easy to carry around 


My Account Manager:
When you join KCal, you get an account manager assigned to you. She is pretty much like my health manager, making sure I’m up to date with everything. I also email her if I want to change a dish assigned. She is super prompt with calls and emails. I love that addition, makes it super personalized and makes my life easier.


My Challenges: 
No coffee! So instead of my usual turtle mocha and caramel frappucinos, I had a Cafe latte with brown sugar a day – definitely a change to my usual coffee and I was satisfied. 


Concluding the week…
A great week, I didn’t really lose any weight (which wasn’t the point of the program anyways, however, wouldn’t mind losing one or two.) A change I see in myself – I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables and protein and I haven’t had the sugar layered coffee drinks, and still full of energy. One note, Kcal, wish you labeled the meals as I’m constantly having to open my food timetable to remind myself what the box includes.