5 minutes with... Jodie Kidd.

April 2
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The beautiful, Jodie Kidd was recently down in Dubai to attend the launch of The ACT, a brand new club with a theatric twist that opened at Shangri-La Hotel. As soon as I reached the hotel for the interview, I was asked if it was ok to have the interview up in her suite… So down to earth, hilarious and just chilled – major girl crush. We spoke about Dubai, beauty products, fashion and the best advice she was ever given.

How does it feel to be in Dubai?

It’s great, I love it here. I’ve come here a few times to play polo, and once to do a shoot so I love it here. It’s a really cool city, mad, futuristic but I always have a really good time here. Lovely restaurants, lovely hotels.


Any favorite places you like visiting when you’re in town?

I love Frankie’s, the owner is a very good friend of mine and I love anything to do with horses – The polo etc. Every time I’m here, I get looked after so well, the hospitality is incredible – the people in the hotels, the drivers, everyone is just very nice – I always feel very safe, relaxed, and at home. I love coming to Dubai.


You have amazing skin, what beauty products do you swear by? 

I have a good friend, that just does amazing facials. She uses Medi8, But for regular daily skincare, I use Guinot a lot. I use a ton of Elemis products – Frangipani body products, the scrubs.


How do you keep fit? 

I have a 17 month old toddler, so I’m always chasing after him. Normally, a lot of riding, a lot of golf, walking on golf courses. I can’t stand gyms – I hate running, and not going anywhere. I do pilates… I’m slowly getting back into it.


How do you balance being a working mother?

At the moment, it’s just working and having a great team – a great husband. I look at one of my best friends, who has six kids, and is like a machine. If she can do it, I can handle one.


How would you describe your style? 

I have two styles – My country style is comfortable – in my cashmere, tweed and my wellies. I also have my work look, super smart, Chanel & YSL – which is chic dresses and heels. Then, I just have days at home – which is sweatpants! I love being comfortable, but for work – you need to make an effort.


You attend London Fashion Week & you were just at the Global Kid’s fashion week. Do you enjoy it?

Firstly I must say, I’ve never seen anything like the Kid’s fashion week – it was just so great. I love the fashion industry, I’m going to go back in – maybe a bit more designing, and modeling. It’s good to see what trends are happening, and also supporting my friends as I did catwalk for so many years.


What will you be wearing this Spring/Summer ’13?

There were so many different looks on the catwalk – prints, sharp looks, soft feminine looks, I feel like you can go through a lot this summer. One magazine says it’s all about color, then one says lots of prints, then one says feminine soft colors. That’s great, I don’t have to do any drastic buying, I’m sure I’ll find things in my wardrobe from previous years. Little dresses, and flirty things.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

For the modeling world, Get a good agent. A lot of girls send me letters asking me questions. If you go to big agencies, and they say no – go away, and come back – they’re saying the truth. Go to the big agencies, and see what they say. For life, live each day like it’s the last… Enjoy it and treat everyone nicely.

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