My Margaret Dabbs Experience.

March 24

I was super excited to try Margaret Dabbs out. When I was living in London, I never had the time to pop over to Libertys for a few hours to get myself a medical manicure and pedicure. So I was super excited when I heard it was opening in Dubai – in Level. How perfect…

That being said, It didn’t come off to a good start… Less than 2 hours before an appointment, I get told that my therapist can’t make the appointment, and there wasn’t anyone else that can take me. After rescheduling, I found out that it was a booker’s fault as they booked my therapist on her day off.

Level Shoe district in Dubai opened the first international branch of Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge from London, and I couldn’t wait to make my way in for an appointments.  If you’re not very familiar with the lounge, they specialize in Professional pedicure/medical pedicures. It all started when Margaret was doing treatments at home, chiropodist treatments that also make the feet look good (that was the ultimate goal). Long story short – Journalists loved it, wrote about it and now she has her flagship lounge in New Cavendish, Harrods and Libertys. Margarett also has great products they use and sell at the sole lounge too.

Once I arrived, and walked in the pure white hall, looked like a little alley of light from within the Level shoe district store… I met Simone, the podiatrist, who actually came down with Margaret to help launch the Dubai branch, and ended up moving to Dubai two months later as she loved the city so much. I love the idea that an original podiatrist from Margaret Dabbs, London was actually doing the treatments – you just know the quality would be the same as the original, which I love. I was booked in for the Ultimate Luxury foot therapy – I was taken to a private room which had a high sofa chair that turns into the bed (so so comfy and has an in built massage system), which started off with filing the nails and drilling (gentle might I add – doesn’t hurt at all.) Margaret Dabbs, and a few nail salons have started with the no-water system as soaking the skin will mask where the work needs to be done. A dry oil is then used on the feet as well as the cuticles, before soaking the feet and applying an exfoliating foot soak. Once that was done, the actual pedicure was done and over with and off to the 20 minutes of pure bliss – the massage chair was turned on, and Simone started with her leg and foot massage. wow.

They usually recommend to give your nails a breather and skip the polish but as someone who always exposes their feet (flip flops, sandals, flybarre), I went with a light color by Rococo (a brand exclusive to Margaret Dabbs sole lounge and is sans formaldehyde & other chemicals.) This is definitely an experience that is worth indulging in…

Margaret Dabbs Sole lounge,
Level Shoe District
Dubai, UAE