BEAUTY BUZZ: March 2013

March 28

My Miracle: Bio-Oil
Meet my new miracle… Bio Oil is used for everything. Smells so good, a multi tasker. I love slathering it on my skin after the shower. Great for scars, stretch markets, uneven skin tones, ageing and dehydrated skin. The oil is a mixture of Calendula, Lavendar, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, which includes Vitamin A&E. Non greasy at all and absorbs quickly!

Fragrance: Kiehl’s Aromatic blends – Vanilla & Cedarwood
Now, I am a Vanilla scent fan, but this has got to be one of my favorite fragrances! I love the woody touch the cedarwood gives this vanilla perfume. Not too strong, refreshing, lasts on for hours and isn’t too sweet. Obsessed…

Bronzer: DiorSkin Nude tan
This Nude glow sun powder is the perfect bronze, not too strong and has a slight shimmer.

Hair: Victoria’s Secret hair serum
A great serum I like using before getting out of the house for a shine boost, but it also works well as an alternative to a hair perfume mist.

Lipgloss: Laura Mercier in Bare naked
As you can probably tell, my ideal make up is a smokey eye and nude lips. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect nude lipsticks and lipglosses as you can never have too many (In my opinion…) LM is my new favorite make up brand, and I’m in love with this perfect nude – pale pink with a touch of beige. Oh, and it smells GOOD.

Deodorant: Chanel Chance Eau tendre
what better deodorant than of your favorite Chanel perfume?

Shimmer: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick compact in Bronze
I’ve been wanting to try Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick for some while now as I know several people that swear by it. This month, I finally got my hands on the classic bronze and the limited edition Lilac Rose shade. Bronze is definitely up my street. I love how it has several different shimmer shades so you can use one of those shades using a small brush to highlight your brow bones or use a thicker brush for a bronze blend on the face.

Mascara: Max Factor 2000 calorie
After this product got discontinued, it is back on the market (don’t you love when that happens?) I’ve been using a black/brown color, and love how it gives my lashes the dramatic oomph, without the clunking up.

Purse: Elie Saab purse spray
As you know from previous Beauty Buzz features, I love Elie Saab’s perfume and just got my hands on the purse spray version, which comes in a beautiful gold metal bottle, so easy to throw into the bag.
BB Cream: Clarins BB cream
I recently tried out one of my favorite beauty brands, Clarins’ BB cream in the 02 shade. I love using BB creams instead of foundations during the day – it’s great for the skin, have great coverage, light and have SPF within. I have tried a ton and some are either too heavy/thick, or too watery/useless. This is one I definitely recommend – non greasy, light, and great coverage!
Eyebrows: Sephora Eyebrow editor
I love this for eyebrows, easy to use, tiny and perfect to throw into your purse. Eyebrows are just important as everything else, spend a few seconds on it.
Lipliner: Chantecaille Lip definer
A french brand I am recently obsessed with, and I’ve been looking for a great nude lipliner. I have been using the natural shade to define my lips before applying a nude lipstick.

Serum: Guerlain Super Aqua serum light
A beauty editor once told me, if there was one skincare product you should always use, it is a serum. and that is history. I recently tried out this light one by Guerlain. The brand have some great serums under their belt, so I trust when a new Guerlain serum comes out. If you’re looking for a light, hydrating and one that helps anti aging – this is the one for you! It also has a light floral scent.  

Moisture: Bliss triple oxygen +c energizing cream
I’m so excited about Bliss launching in the Middle East. One of my favorite products from the brand would have to be this moisturizer. Not only does it give your skin the perfect amount of moisture – The oxygen and vitamin C really wakes up the skin, and recharges it – which instantly brightens the face.

Exfoliation: Radical Skincare Age-Defying exfoliating pads
I don’t know if I’m lazy, but I love pads. Makes everything so much easier & obviously speeds up everything. I was recently introduced to US brand, Radical Skincare and have fallen in love. I have started using the exfoliating pads twice a week which instantly softens the skin, removes dead skin cells, and delays the ageing process.

Mother’s day Gift: Lush Mother’s day collection
I’m not big on baths but if your mom is, this is super cute and smells so good. They come in cute names like mumkin etc. I also love how the secret garden one makes your bath colorful with flowers like an actual secret garden… genius!

For the young ladies: Ajmal’s new prose fragrance
When I think of Ajmal, I immediately associate it to strong, oud scents. No, not with this new Prose fragrance targeted at the younger age group. With no Oud touch, this is definitely a sweet scent with a base of citrus, sugar and vanilla. It’s a great fragrance to mix up too.