My Obsession: Canon G15

February 15

Introducing my latest tech obsession… my new Canon G15! As someone that doesn’t really look at all the techy parts of a camera, I thought I’d list out why I personally love it.

-The pictures are just amazing. (look out for my fashion week pictures) – The camera is 12 Megapixels.

-The Camera is actually in between a digital camera and an SLR – quality is like an SLR & the size is closer to a digital one.

-The Camera is light and easy to carry around (perfect for fashion weeks and carrying it everywhere!)

-You can put on a flasher if you wish, easy to add on.

-There are a ton of features and settings, I’m still playing around with them and having fun doing so.

-The video is just so good, and I love how I don’t need to carry around my flip camera.

-Great zoom lens – 5x.

Look out for my adventures & fashion week coverage using my new trusty camera.

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