My Lapland Adventure with Nokia Lumia.

April 14

If you follow me on twitter & instagram, you would’ve seen I was recently in Finland with Nokia. Some of you might think a random choice of country but Nokia is actually from Finland and we had a schedule filled with activities that made us experience the full dynamics of the Nokia Lumia phone. I was excited and intrigued to check out the country, which is not exactly a popular travel choice – hence we had to take three flights to get to Lapland (via Istanbul & Helsinki).


Due to transit, we stayed in Helsinki for one night (the capital of Finland and also home to the main Nokia headquarters) and stayed at the Klaus K hotel, I love a good design hotel and this was definitely a cool one -compact and scandinavian (their toiletries were by Malin + Goetz!) Two things that caught by eye about Finland was the design (their Starbucks was one of the coolest looking ones I’ve been to) to their bakeries (I ate my weight in carbs!).


Day One:

After less than 24 hours, we then headed to the northern part of Finland – Lapland. During the winter time, there are weeks where the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon and their only source is from the snow, stars and the magical lights – the northern lights. After arriving to Kittila, the closest airport to where we were staying in Levi (we stayed at the Levi spirit villas – if you are ever in Lapland, they are just gorgeous. Cosy and minimal.), we were welcomed with lunch before getting our hands on Lumia experience. The Nokia Lumia phone is a popular, high tech smart phone (among the iPhone and Samsung) but due to it being a Windows phone, you need to get used to the features before falling in love with the phone. The two main phones we were introduced to were the Nokia Lumia 1320 and the Nokia Lumia 1520 (To make this simpler to visualise, the 1320 is the size of the iPhone and the 1520 is more of a tablet, which they call the phablet – phone + tablet. get it?) We were introduced to the phone and it’s features however they are most proud about their camera – which is a really fab one, shows all the intricate details, brightens up dark pictur hink I was most impressed with being able to use office docs, and can even edit word docs being a Microsoft office phone.


The things I loved the most about the phones:

-The large screens

-The clarity

-The camera (except that the phone takes wide pictures)

-The slick design

-Microsoft office within the phone

-The battery life (which is much better than most smart phones)


The day ended with a Snowmobile safari (also known as Ski-do), which was such an empowering experience – imagine a jet ski on snow followed by Ice swimming (yes swimming in water in the middle of the snow!) and a Finnish Sauna (which is within the Finnish culture and is within a cottage in the middle of the snow) before ending the night with a traditional Finnish dinner (Reindeers & fish is what they mostly eat!) For recommendations on the best travel ski boot dryer, I’ve shared a guide.


Day Two:

After starting the day with an early breakfast at 7 30am, we then headed to the most exciting experience of this whole trip – The Husky rides! The first thing that popped to mind when I read this on the schedule was ‘poor huskies’, but once you head to the Husky park and see how excited those huskies were before running, it was just beautiful. I even witnessed a husky escape to join the others on their work day (adorable…) – make sure to check the video on @myfashdiary’s instagram. We also had the chance to check out Wolves, wolf dogs, Arctic foxes as well as kissing a Reindeer with a Christmas cookie (Did you know there are more reindeers than people in Lapland?). For lunch, we had a lapland style lunch in a Tipi cottage which was a Reindeer stew (I opted for a vegetarian dish – Being a mushroom lover, that was perfect as Finland are also known for their delicious mushrooms!).


After a busy few days, we were treated a spa experience at the villa to relax which was lovely before leaving for our farewell dinner in the main city of Lapland. Thank you to the entire Nokia team for organising this beautiful and unforgettable experience – as well as making me fall in love with the Nokia Lumia.


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