Myfashdiary experiences... Heaven Bee Sting facial @ The Nail Spa, Dubai!

August 28
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Some exciting news! The Nail spa has brought the Heaven Bee sting facial to Dubai… Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer are just a few of the facial’s celeb fans! Dubbed as ‘Nature’s Botox’ and a great hydrating and anti-aging treatment using natural and organic ingredients. The Key and magic ingredient is Bee Venom (which is what a bee stings into us), and the facial tricks the skin that it has been stung.

The Nail Spa is one of my top favorite salons for manis & pedis in Dubai  (they also have massages, waxing, threading) – professional, fab service and Eco-friendly. For a change, I visited their salon to try out their new facial. Turns out I was the first one to try the Bee sting facial at The Nail Spa in Mercato 🙂 As soon as I entered The Nail Spa, I was taken care of and was introduced to the facial and was told on what to expect. The facial does cleanse the skin, but is considered more of a holistic one for relaxation, and sans extraction.

Their treatment room was great, relaxing and spa like. On to the treatment, One thing I was worried about is the fact that I’d feel a burn and end up with a swollen face for a day or two. Scratch that, just felt a few tingles and ended up with fresh and hydrated skin. The treatment started off with a Peppermint oil foot massage, and followed on with a Cleanser for a deep cleanse (minus extraction), on to an exfoliation with sugar and honey and followed on to a Bee Venom eye and mask with a super soothing massage. Everything done on the face was done on the shoulders and arms. Not only did I feel fresh, I was super relaxed (dozed off in between) and my skin felt alive, hydrated and tightened. One I strongly recommend!

Recommended therapist: Eldrina – she truly is amazing…

P.s. The Nail Spa have just opened their brand new & beautiful new branch in Arabian Ranches which is worth checking out!

*Following Eco-friendly pledge of The Nail Spa, bees are not harmed during the process of collecting the bee venom.