App I Love: Get Taxi

June 30
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Ever since I got myself my iphone a few months ago, I have been obsessed with it. I haven’t been able to let go of my BlackBerry as I still prefer it for emails but the pictures and extensive app selection on iphones is just unreal. I was recently introduced to Get Taxi, a new app that is currently only available in 3 cities and growing internationally! Luckily, London is one of those 3 cities. Probably one of the coolest apps I have come across & it came in handy last weekend. I had such a tight schedule and had to hop from one place to another which didn’t have cabs around – usually turns into a nightmare! All I did was click ‘GET TAXI’ and it suddenly started counting down 5 mins till my car arrived to where I was (it sends your location to a taxi) whilst showing me my taxi moving on the map as well as the name, picture, car details and phone number of my black cab. You can also put in your credit card details and have it charged to your card or just click cash and pay the cab driver after your ride.

I have no idea if Get Taxi handpick their taxi drivers but for some reason, every cab ride I had via Get Taxi were the sweetest and most friendliest cabbies I’ve come across. This is such an amazing app – hope they launch in other cities soon! (example: Paris, which is extinct of cabs!)

p.s. the app is free… excluding taxi costs obviously. 🙂

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