5 minutes with… Maria Sharapova!

June 30
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A very exciting/important time for this lady… With Wimbledon going on, and after winning the Rome tennis and French tennis championship, Maria Sharapova, TAG HEUER’s ambassador (the prestigious watch brand) exclusively speaks to! She speaks about her love for Tag Heuer, the perfect watch, fashion blogs and how she keeps that fab body! 

Hi Maria! have you always loved Tag Heuer?
My first Grand Slam win called for a lot of media attention and TAG Heuer contacted me to become their ambassador. I was already a huge fan of the brand and it was an amazing offer to join a team of ambassadors such as Uma Thurman and Brad Pitt at that time. They let me into the fashion world through the big door. It has been like a fairytale since then. I remember very well my very first photo shooting for TAG Heuer with Patrick Demarchelier. It was back in 2004 at the end of the year. All the sudden, I had stylists, hair and Make-up artists to take care of me for the days. It was a dream come true. Since that day, I have become a fashonista. What I also love about TAG Heuer is that we really share the same values. They are a brand that keeps on reinventing itself, keeps on innovating, keeps on fighting for their position. They never take things for granted and keep challenging their craft.


What tip can you give women that are looking for their perfect watch?
Follow your heart, look for something that is the right balance between timelessness and fashion go for top quality… in two words: TAG Heuer!


We are all getting summer bod ready. other than exercising – what diet tips can you share with myfashdiary readers?
I am not one of those athletes who enjoy the gym, so I try to incorporate things like yoga, hiking and running on the beach in my fitness regime. I do physical training every day and tennis training too. Food wise, I do not see my diet as punishing at all, it is simply healthy and balanced. But it is true I tend to steal food from my coach’s plate, especially that he eats a lot of burgers. And a beauty tip: I always wear sunscreen


Do you read fashion blogs?
I do what I can to keep the pace with fashion: I read fashion magazine, attend fashion shows whenever I can, I do some research when I have a design I want to work on. Blogs are fun and easy to check when at the airport, but magazines are easier to read on the plane.