5 minutes with… Alessandra Rich!

June 13
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This week, I spoke to one of my favorite designers at the mo’ – Alessandra Rich. I still remember when I first learnt about her through Net-a-porter and now she’s sold worldwide with a large following in the Middle East – we love her! I also visited her showroom when I was in Paris – check out the collection here. I spoke to Alessandra about her inspirations, what makes the perfect gowns, fashion blogs and Dubai!

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I love you design gowns for women who like to wear sleeves and cover up a little more in a gown. what made you go for that signature style?
The long dress is my trademark. Simply put, it speaks about my idea of femininity: elegant, confident and clever, for me this is sensuality. I think that transparent lace is sexier than a decollété, just as a slashed long dress is sexier than a minidress. The long dress is incredibly sexy and modern.

What inspired your Fall/winter ’12 collection?
My new collection, Sleeping Beauty, is inspired by the fairy tale of a beautiful sleeping woman, a princess in a slip ready to go to bed. The dresses have the grace of the surrender and the secret of the night. The collection has a double soul: magical and dark.

Who is the ‘Alessandra Rich’ woman?
Confident, clever, carefree and sexy without vanity. A modern and unexpected woman who can make a man fall in love with her even when she is asleep.

You are the queen of gowns… what makes your perfect gown?
The choice of fabrics is an important moment. Laces, silks, all my fabrics are light and precious. Manufacturing is another important step in the production of the collection. All our tailoring is done by hand in Italy. But finally my perfect gown is made by the woman who wears it.

Do you read fashion blogs?
Yes, blogs are a big reality and I’m very interested to stay in touch with what is going on.

Myfashdiary is based between London and Dubai – have you ever been to Dubai, any plans?
I’ve been to Dubai and I’m looking forward to visiting again very soon!