MySnackDiary: Upcakes

May 24

Having spoken to quite a few Vegans quite recently, I found out that they are constantly looking for great desserts that they can order if they don’t have time to make something. So naturally… I thought I would hunt for some great vegan snacks and desserts! I came across a brand called Upcakes that make some delish brownies and peanut butter cups to name a few, that are free of dairy, refined sugar, wheat and eggs. How amazing is that? Personally, I am obsessed with the Peanut Butter cups and if you are in the UK, definitely one to try! The brownies are great, and not too sweet and works lovely with a latte. Nothing better than delish dessert sans the bad ingredients. For more on how to get your hands on some… check out the link below!

Do you know of any great vegan desserts that are available to order?

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