Travel Thursdays with Eco Designer, ADA ZANDITON!

January 12

Some news for you… This is the last Travel Thursday feature! It has been fun… and I will definitely miss it but I’m changing the feature to another exciting one… make sure you check back next Thursday for the new feature!

So Introducing our last Travel Thursday feature… with Eco & innovative designer, Ada Zanditon! Ada’s travel secrets start with…

[vimeo][/vimeo]-Drinking plenty of water, keeping some Santaverde eye cream on me at all times – it’s pure joy made from organic aloe vera and I couldn’t live without it. Hairbrush!

-I always wear black – something comfortable – jeans and tops in layers so you can adjust to suit the temperature.

-I meditate and take the opportunity to think abstractly – blue sky thinking and then I scribble down ideas on napkins and envelopes – before realizing I have my fashionary notebook in my bag. I then clip all these random bits of paper in it and I love people watching.

For more on Ada Zanditon’s Wear and Care campaign with Ecover, check out

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