Fash Fitness: U Energy, Dubai.

January 17
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The first of many – a brand new feature on Fitness ‘Fash Fitness’ (p.s. would love to get your thoughts on Myfashdiary’s new features!)

When I was recently in Dubai, I checked out a super cool new health club at DIFC, U Energy. U Energy is part of the U Concept, a concept started up by Nick Watson and his wife (who were both backpackers!)- there are some very exciting launches under the concept!

My first impression of the health club – cool, hip, sexy, innovative and super trendy. The club looks like an art gallery, with art work around – as well as their own DJ! Primarily known for their personal training sessions, but they also have some great classes. However, everything you do, is for YOUR body. The club is very exclusive, with limited amount of memberships in order to make sure each member has a very personalized experience.

I was lucky enough to have a 90 minute session with the owner, Nick! We started off with some exercises to find out my strength and body abilities – followed by work outs that worked my full body (my muscles ached for a week after…) and ended with a boxing session. Even though I couldn’t feel my legs after – I was energized for the rest of the day & can’t wait for the rest of the U concept launches!

U Energy is at DIFC Gate village, Dubai. For more information and memberships, check out