5 minutes with... Simone Harouche!

January 18
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Introducing the woman behind Nicole Richie & Miley Cyrus’s style, as well as the woman behind the super chic bohemian handbags that have taken the fashion industry by storm. Meet Simone Harouche – you might know her as Simone from the ‘Simone Camille’ brand. I am obsessed with her handbags, and over the moon that they have arrived to Dubai – EXCLUSIVELY at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai! I spoke to Simone about her line, her inspirations, blogs and styling tips!

Make sure to check out the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Burjuman Mall – Dubai, UAE! 

-Hi Simone, How did starting up your own line come about?
I made a handbag for myself out of vintage fabrics. I wanted to make something completely unique and different from the bags I had been seeing in the boutiques. Everything always looked the same to me. So I made a bag for myself, and Nicole Richie saw me wearing it and was obsessed! she asked me to make her one, which she got photographed in wearing all over town. From there, people started to get interested and buyers began to place orders. And the rest is history!

-You are inspired by your travels – which cities inspire you?
Everywhere I go is inspiration to use either in my designs or styling.  I love India, Japan, Bali, France. I love the exotic as well as cities rich and diverse in culture and history. I haven’t been to many places in the middle east, but I am dying to go!!!

 -As a stylist for Nicole Richie & Miley Cyrus – Could you share a styling tip with Myfashdiary readers?
One Fashion tip is confidence is the key! If you believe in your look, others will too. Fashion is an attitude. If you can carry a look with your attitude, people will see it as style.
Another tip would be not to follow the trends. Trends come and go, so stay true to silhouettes and styles that work for you. Always!

-Do you read fashion blogs?
Yes! I love fashion blogs. I love blogs on street style!!!