5 minutes with... Professor Weston!

January 14
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I was recently introduced to Weston Scarves.. and wow, I love! In this cold weather, I tend to wear lots & lots of darks… and the best way to break the dark look is prints and colors – Each scarf is a piece of art which is why, I fell in love with Weston scarves. I was really interested in the brand, I decided to interview the designer… Prof Weston on his brand, inspirations, and what he thought of Fashion Blogs! Shop Weston scarves on Net-a-porter HERE! 

– Hi Professor Weston! How did your brand come about?
It began by chance when I discovered the amazing colours and patterns that a powerful digital scanner can capture from natural materials like minerals and stones, and it got a huge break when I was ‘discovered’ at the Liberty ‘Open Call’ in February last year – which led to being featured on the BBC2 series ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’

 – I love the colors you use in your scarves! What are you inspired by? 
Nature! Most of the colours come directly from the materials I use, and even when I play with them in the computer – as with the ‘Mineral Forests’ in the current Liberty colleciton – they always seem to work.

– Who is the Weston girl?
We aim to create beautiful accessories for women who enjoy the finer luxuries in life. They are attracted to the colour and quality of Weston products. They shop in big department stores and online at sites like Net-A-Porter (where of course Weston is stocked), and are effortlessly chic.

– what are your thoughts on Fashion Blogs?
I’m completely new to the world of fashion so it’s all a huge adventure – but I really like the way that the Web, Twitter etc allow a lot of diverse voices and opinions to be heard. I’ve had some wonderful things said about the scarves in blogs here, in the US, in France, in Australia… – so I’m naturally inclined to think they’re great.

– Myfashdiary is based between London and Dubai – have you ever been to Dubai? any plans?
I haven’t but I sense it’s not long away – I have my own reasons for going now but in my other job as a Professor of Architecture could make a visit to a course in sustainable design that we run there. I’d need to be in air conditioning mind you! – intense sun and heat aren’t my thing, which may be partly why I’m known for writing about Scandinavian architecture.