Sweet Gift Giving... Biscuiteers.

December 5

Other than dressing up, the holiday season is all about gift giving! I thought about what I’d like to get (as I get bored quite easily…) I came across Biscuiteers a while ago (the name sounds adorable, no?) and loved the whole concept of ordering and sending over a luxurious biscuit tin with really sweet biscuits inside. They have a great range and it really all depends on the occasion you need the gift for or the recipient’s personality.

But I always thought about how great they really actually were and do the biscuits actually taste as good as they look? That’s why I tried it out for myself. As a fashion lover, I went for the booty biscuit mini tin (up to 12 pieces) in delicious rich chocolate flavor. The tin was adorable and will definitely keep it for freshly baked cookies at home. The whole package was just so personalized and you really do feel the quality and richness of the Biscuiteers experience – from the minute you see the tin to the moment you finish eating the last biscuit!

I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to give a thoughtful and delicious gift to someone they care about – whether it’s for the holiday season, as a thank you or to congratulate (it’s also a great sorry gift…) also works as the perfect gift for that fashion lover friend that has everything…

To top it off – Biscuiteers ship internationally!

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