MySnackDiary: The Collective Dairy

December 27

Snacktime! I realized if there was one food group I couldn’t live without, it would have to be Dairy! Cereals, Frozen Yogurt, Frappucinnos, Lattes, Scrambled eggs to name a few… I recently came across The Collective Dairy & no exaggeration, I am obsessed… I wouldn’t say I’m a big yogurt person (I like it with rice… blame the ‘arab’ in me) I wasn’t too sure about trying The collective but because of their interesting flavours (Russian Fudge, Apple & Spice, Luscious Lemon, Christmas Pud and Pomegranate and cherry, and passion fruit) – I thought I would give it a chance! I loved how the texture of the yogurt is rich, filled with flavor AND lowfat.

Available at Waitrose, Harrods,

My top 3 flavours…

-Luscious Lemon: This tastes like Lemon Cheesecake. no more, no less. It tastes like my mom’s Lemon cheesecake out of a tub (my mom is known for her Lemon cheesecake…)

-Apple & Spice: The perfect treat if you’re in the mood for an apple cinnamon dessert – perfect alternative to Cinnamon rolls & apple crumble (however… I don’t believe in alternatives!)

Russian Fudge: At times, I get a random craving after midnight where I crave something chocolately and fudgy – this is the perfect satisfaction.

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