Travel Thursdays with VANESSA JACKMAN!

November 17

Streetstyle photographers have really made an impact on fashion… their photos are a part of every styling moodboard to being part of Fashion Campaigns! There are a handful of Streetstyle blogs I look at generally and this is one I have been a fan of for years now. SO honored when I found out I was snapped by Vanessa a few seasons ago in Paris…

Introducing Vanessa Jackman! Check out her blog here.

Vanessa travels constantly to shoot different fashion weeks (she also does Australia!) as well as for different projects she takes on during the year.

Check out her travel tips:

1. I never leave home now without my film camera and oodles of film- it is my new most favourite thing! I like that it isn’t instantaneous like digital… you have to wait until the film is developed to see exactly what you have captured. When my film comes back, I feel like I am having my holiday all over again!

2. Hermes Eau D’orange Verte shower gel- I was first introduced to this gorgeous fragrance while staying at the Sofitel in Lyon, France a few years ago. Now wherever I travel, I make sure I take a bottle with me. It is a tiny bit of luxury even if I am not staying in the most luxurious accommodation.

3. A good book and piles of magazines to pass the time while in transit! I am so glad BA never weighs hand luggage: my stack of reading material would surely take me over the limit!

4. My multi country power adaptor. Boring but so much more practical than carrying 4 different power plugs around at all times.

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