5 minutes with... Designer, Christopher Lee Sauvé!

October 2
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If there’s anyone that does the most amazing Tshirts, it is Mr Christopher Lee Sauve! He recently collaborated with for an exclusive collection & I had the chance of speaking to Sauve about the collection, his inspirations and the Middle East! Check out a few of the Tshirts from the exclusive collection above…

-Let us know more about the ‘Scandal’ range
Well, the Scandal Collection was a collaboration between Amy Odell at New York Magazine, NYLA Boutique and myself. I asked Amy to write fashion worlds top scandals and from there I illustrated them.


-How did you start the Christopher Lee Sauve brand – did you always know you wanted to illustrate fun slogans poking fun at quite a serious industry?
I have always loved graphic t-shirts and fashion and eccentric people. So I just combined them and the ‘brand’ emerged because I needed to work and live in NYC.


-What inspires you when you illustrate or design a new Tshirt?
It is always a person, or a phrase, something catchy that just makes me excited.


-Have you ever been told off by someone you illustrated?
I never project people in a bad way, so they don’t have a reason to be angry.


-who is the Christopher Lee Sauve girl?
Rebellious, loves to hate fashion but loves fashion, loves art, doesn’t diet, independent, driven and excited by change.
-Have you ever visited the Middle East – what are your views on Middle Eastern fashion?
I love the middle east and my aunt moved there when I was quite young and my mother who is a nurse was in talks to move to Dubai, I was so excited and researched the place but we never did move there. I love cultures that are different than my own, it inspires me.


-what advice would you give myfashdiary readers about the fashion industry?
Choose pieces that feel unique for just you. Don’t be afraid of going a little wild and take chances!

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