5 Minutes with... W Hotels Global Fashion Director, Jenne Lombardo!

October 6
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W Hotels and American Express have recently teamed up with Marios Schwab for their Fashion Next programme for London – where the designer created a documentary called ‘W Hotels Presents London Fashion Next?’ posing the question, ‘What is new and next in London Fashion?’ Check out the film above – I recently also had a quick chat with W Hotels Global Fashion Director, Jenne Lombardo on this very exciting project, her favorite fashion city, Fashion blogs and tips for aspiring fashionistas!

 How did the Fashion next concept come about? 
The Fashion Next program, now in its third season, is a way to expand upon W’s focus on what’s ‘new and next.’  It’s a great opportunity for these designers to showcase their work on a global platform and gain access to resources that might not have otherwise been available to them.

Why is Marios a great fit in this project?
Marios has worked with a great deal of people in the industry and has developed a well-tuned eye – he’s great at spotting emerging talent which was perfect for the Fashion Next program.

Favorite Fashion City?
New York, Paris, London, Tokyo

 What are your thoughts on fashion blogs?
I think they are an incredible resource and offer additional perspectives on the industry. Its important that we read as much as we can wherever we can get it. We need to develop our own opinions and not adopt that of the person writing.

Tips for individuals who would like to break it in the fashion industry?
There is no such thing as a bad meeting. Accept the help that presents itself to you, and don’t ever lose sight of where you came from.

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