Attending the Grammys!

April 11

One of the highlights I’ve had this year was attending the Grammys with my family – I tweeted a bit about my experience but wasn’t going to post about it because it didn’t have much of a connection to fashion.

Thanks to Emily from FashionFoieGras, I changed my mind… Above are a few pictures from the night (as well as a picture from our private dinner with singer, Natasha Beddingfield (who was amazing!) We couldn’t take cameras to the event so I’ve shared some from my blackberry above. All in all, the show was such an experience – getting to see your favorite singers perform live (a huge concert, except you get to look glamorous and be a part of a key night for musicians.

My week in LA also included recording a song with famous producer, Harvey Mason Jr., a private dinner with Natasha Beddingfield at the Sony Studios, Musicares event in honor of Barbara Streissand, as well as the Grammys rehearsal and afterparty!